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Xcel Underground powerline Substations Planning-Public Hearing in June

By Shirley Heyer, MPNIA rep to the Hiawatha Project Substation Design Advisory Committee Xcel held 3 design workshops with an Advisory Committee of 20 folks, including neighborhood reps, for proposed Hiawatha and Midtown South Substations (SS) as directed by Minnesota Pubic Utilities Commission.  Final schematic designs to be presented June Public Hearing”“ watch for time and place. At 3rd mtg.April 9, Architecture Alliance, artistic design architects of the SS walls, requested 5 ideas from each rep. describing their concept (not details) of “artistic” design. The design is for 20”'-22”' high walls surrounding each SS.  2 main concepts emerged; that there be different artistic wall designs because of disparate surroundings. Arch. Alliance will merge the ideas for the Adv. Subcomm. in early May to be sure they are on the right track. The SSs are extremely large using all space at each location. The Hiawatha SS is modeled after the Elliot SS (11th Ave. S. east of M-dome). Also see the Elliot SS from the I-35 freeway into downtown off Hiawatha Ave. It goes around the north side of the Metrodome and the Elliott SS can be seen up above to the right. The Hiawatha SS will be similar in size and design except the Hiawatha SS”'s distribution structure will be 50”' taller. The Midtown South SS between Park and Portland residential areas overlooks the MGW. It is located on property owned by Xcel (a former SS which Xcel demolished and 2 residential properties to the north; recently bought). (more…)

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