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Random alley news August ’22

Random alley news August ’22

By Lindsey Fenner pictures by Ben Heath MN State Senator Omar Fateh’s Ethics Hearing Continued Through July: Sen. Fateh represents Senate District 62, which includes all of Phillips. The ethics investigation, led by the Republican-controlled Senate Subcommittee on Ethical Conduct,  has raised questions about whether Fateh sought $500,000 in state funding for Somali TV of Minnesota after Somali TV ran campaign ads for Fateh for free. As a non-profit, Somali TV cannot endorse candidates. The other ethics concern involves Fateh’s connection to Muse Mohamed Mohamed. Mohamed, who is Fateh’s brother-in-law and volunteered with Fateh’s campaign and was convicted of lying to a grand jury during an investigation of voter fraud in the 2020 DFL primary race between Fateh and longtime incumbent Jeff Hayden. Fateh is now facing a DFL primary challenge in the August 9 Primary election from Shaun Laden, a Minneapolis Public Schools Education Support Specialist and union leader. According to reporting by Deena Winter in the MN Reformer, two witnesses called to a July 7 hearing didn’t show up. They are expected to be subpoenaed for a hearing scheduled for July 27, after the alley goes to press. Check the MN Reformer for updated coverage.  Little Earth Urban Farm Proposes Greenhouse on Empty Lot: The Little Earth Residents Association (LERA), which runs the Little Earth Urban Farm, is proposing to build a 20,000 square foot greenhouse on the vacant lot LERA owns at the northwest of Hiawatha Avenue and E 26th Street. According to LERA, the greenhouse “will host indoor vertical farming using nutrient-rich water circulated from a yellow perch aquaculture system.” The greenhouse project will expand existing gardening and farming programming and food accessibility. Southside Green Zone Signs Going Up: The 120 signs, designed by Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre founder Sandy Spieler, are intended to [...]

Sen. Linda Berglin retires from MN Senate and “Bridges” to County Health System

By Sen. Linda Berglin, Senator from District 61, “I have taken a job with Hennepin County that excites me because it will give me the opportunity to improve outcomes for many of the people I have served in the legislature. It also means I will be part of the effort to help Hennepin County and its partners succeed in implementing heath care reform. This does mean however, now that the state budget has been resolved, that I will be resigning my seat in the State Senate effective August 15, 2011. I want to take this opportunity to thank my constituents who have sent me to the legislature for many years. It has been rewarding for me to work on public policy that has improved the lives of many Minnesotans. I have had the opportunity also to work with many organizations that have helped me learn so much. Some of the highlights of my career include working on health care cost containment and access to affordable health care, mental health reforms to help people be served in the community, jobs for people with disabilities as well as single parents, pay equity for state and local government employees, community-based services to help frail elderly stay in their homes, and improved quality of child care. During the last six months, I have felt that my talents and skills have been underutilized in the Minnesota Senate.  As I see so much of what I have worked on over the years being chipped away or repealed entirely, I worry that our state is moving away from the community spirit that has made us such a great place. In the future, there will be others in the legislature and the Dayton administration who will step up to the plate to do the unfinished work of health care reform, as well as standing up for the needs of our most vulnerable citizens. I look forward to continuing to use what I have learned in the legislature and to continue learning as I work now at the ground level to make policies I have worked on at the state level work for [...]

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