Sunday September 25th 2022

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Compassion and Courage During the Coronavirus

LETTER TO THE EDITOR By LEE LEICHENTRITT During the month of March, when John Charles Wilson and I came down with the coronavirus, two brave people came to our aid. Marge Beard and Ben Painter brought us food and drinks in a socially distanced manner, which made our COVID-19 ordeal manageable. The fact that these two people showed compassion for us during our illness is something to be lauded. Ben Painter said that his friend Scott H. brought him groceries when he had the coronavirus last year, so in keeping with Scott”™s spirit of selflessness Ben decided to “pay it forward”, in his own words. Marge Beard puts others”™ needs front and center; her compassion and courage comes from her upbringing and faith. I am sharing our story with the readers of the Alley to show our gratitude for the people who helped us. Remember that you can perform socially distanced acts of courage and kindness for people you know who come down with the virus.

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