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Tuesday July 16th 2024

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Elders met where Rivers meet Genesis and Genocide are Whitewashed

Have you ever wondered why Hiawatha and Minnehaha Avenues run counter to the north/south grid system of most streets? It”'s because those roadways were originally entrenched trails between major water sources--the falls of rivers and creeks--- made by the indigenous people and animals long before the imposition of a European geometric grid street system. The same is true of Hennepin Avenue from river falls to the lakes southwest.  This part of our history is “marked” indelibly in the landscape.  Other parts of our history are written.  And there are parts of our history that are passed on from person to person, decade to decade as oral tradition.  Some oral history is remembered within rhythm having been made into song with music.  Here are excerpts from an article in the StarTribune by Nick Coleman, June 6 column, “Fort Snelling: State”'s cradle -- and stain” suggested that the Minnesota Historical Society has neglected to tell [...]

“Liberty and justice for all” demands history of all

By Jim Graham Yes, we SHOULD look in depth at the history of Ft. Snelling. And then pray no one ever comes to “Re-Develop” us, our culture, and our children. Another advocate of unrevised history recently said, “What I learned from that experience with the state-hired historians, is that their information is hugely biased and not to be trusted, particularly when it comes to delineating the history of a mostly vanquished people who lived entirely in an oral tradition.” At an open house to receive “Public Input” a United States Park Service representative was quite aggressive in his assertion that their was NO history of the Cold Water Springs. (The sacred area near Minnehaha Falls that was violated during the routing of the Light Rail Transit and rerouting of Hiawatha Avenue in spite of disagreement and protest.) area having any documented religious significance for the Mdewakanton Dakota people. (more…)

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