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Sunday June 16th 2024

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Ventura Village October ’22

Needed: Thousands of Running Wolves!

By Jake (Richard) Jacobi Shortly after Running Wolf Fitness Center opened last fall in the Phillips Community Center, I and my neighbor joined. I”'d never exercised in a gym, and I”'m pushing 70 years. My neighbor”'s about my age. We found Running Wolf through our diabetes support group, A-POD (A Partnership of Diabetics). A-POD moved into rooms in the same newly reopened Phillips Community Center. In my prime, I was a pretty good walker, and I swam in lakes in the summers and irregularly swam laps in a club in the winters. Just the same, I developed longstanding ankle issues and let myself get too big. In 2009, five years into my retirement, I ran into my own personal buzzsaw: a torn hamstring from doing the splits on sidewalk ice, renewed ankle pain on both sides from favoring the hamstring and in August of that year, a diagnosis of Type Two diabetes with peripheral neuropathy of the feet, which makes me slightly balance-impaired. (more…)

Running Wolf Fitness Center is Up and Running!

Running Wolf Fitness Center is Up and Running!

By Robert Albee After months of waiting for the day that Running Wolf Fitness Center would actually be running again, that day has finally arrived! Doors opened on Monday, October 17th at the Phillips Community Center and for a few moments it seemed like a Gold Rush! Actually, it was a gold rush because now there is a place in Phillips where people can go to begin or resume an exercise program without burdensome expenses to fragile personal budgets. Through the assistance of UCare of Minnesota, Running Wolf participants need only set an appointment at the Native American Community Clinic or Indian Health Board for a fitness exam or medical clearance for 6 months free membership, and then bring their paperwork to Connie Norman, Running Wolf”'s Manager. Once you”'re signed up, you can begin your workouts in the beautifully appointed studios, take a shower and be on your way! What is really different about Running Wolf is that staff actually takes the time to show [...]

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