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Monday May 20th 2024

Running Wolf Fitness Center is Up and Running!

A Running Wolf session with Jesse Hairychin, Eli Murdoch and Connie Norman

By Robert Albee

After months of waiting for the day that Running Wolf Fitness Center would actually be running again, that day has finally arrived! Doors opened on Monday, October 17th at the Phillips Community Center and for a few moments it seemed like a Gold Rush! Actually, it was a gold rush because now there is a place in Phillips where people can go to begin or resume an exercise program without burdensome expenses to fragile personal budgets.

Through the assistance of UCare of Minnesota, Running Wolf participants need only set an appointment at the Native American Community Clinic or Indian Health Board for a fitness exam or medical clearance for 6 months free membership, and then bring their paperwork to Connie Norman, Running Wolf”'s Manager. Once you”'re signed up, you can begin your workouts in the beautifully appointed studios, take a shower and be on your way!

What is really different about Running Wolf is that staff actually takes the time to show you how to properly use each of the installed machines and help you develop a way to track your progress. You get the services of a personal trainer and a fitness center all for the introductory price of $nada. For six months, your out-of-pocket expenses are $0, so you can determine for yourself it this is really valuable to you. From that time on, there will be a monthly fee of $10””a price far below any other full-range exercise facility in the Twin Cities.

An open fitness studio room has also been created allowing for group exercise and movement sessions, such as yoga, zumba, tai chi, salsa dancing, kick boxing and floor exercises and others as we grow. Efforts are underway to find revenue sources to cover the costs of these programs as well or to provide space for an instructor who already has a revenue source for conducting classes and group sessions. There will be a calendar of events/classes at Running Wolf starting in November. So come and check it out!

Once the rest of the Phillips Community Center opens up, there will be ongoing efforts to create a “wellness mall” that includes opportunities for healthy eating, education and support and a range of recreational activities consistent with being located in a Minneapolis Park Board building. Running Wolf also has classroom space and will be conducting six-week Living in Balance workshops developed by Stanford University for learning how to manage chronic health conditions such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease etc.

A Partnership Of Diabetics is also located in the facility and already offers sessions related to long-range management of Diabetes.

Hours for Running Wolf are currently 10 AM – 7 PM, Mondays through Thursday. Friday and Saturday hours are 10 AM – 2PM. For further information and a tour of the facility contact:

Connie Norman Running Wolf Fitness Center Manager at 612.872.2388.

Address: 2323 11th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55404

Her email address

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Reader Feedback

One Response to “Running Wolf Fitness Center is Up and Running!”

  1. ELI says:

    Join ELI at Running Wolf Fitness Center for these classes!

    Mondays- CardioKickboxing 5:30pm
    Thursdays- ZUMBA 5:30pm

    ZUMBA named as one of the top ten fitness trends of 2012 by ACSM.

    Classes are filling up, and we will need more room!
    Yours in health,

    Founder E.L.I. Fitness International

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