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No Hurdles Between You and Running Wolf. Run-on Over!

By Connie Norman Hello from Running Wolf Fitness Center! We all know that the days are getting longer and warmer, meaning it”'s time to pull yourself out from the comfort of your winter layers and revive your sluggish energy levels and winter blues wobble with some exercise at Running Wolf! But finding what motivates you and keeping it up to step into your exercise gear and get active can be harder than you think. “Motivation is a lot more complex than people realize. Motivation is defined as ”˜the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviors”'. It is therefore not the simple fact of turning on a motivational switch. You actually have to attack motivation from lots of angles to then find the recipe to ”˜get going! There is no magic pill and no secret concoction that will put you on the path to long-term fitness and health. Some keys to success are: the right motivation, knowledge and tools and a low cost neighborhood fitness center like Running Wolf Fitness Center. Running Wolf Fitness Center memberships are only $10 dollars a month for individuals and $30 dollars a month for a family of three or more living in the same household. (more…)

MAKE 2013 A New Year for Healthy Eating

By Connie Norman Running Wolf Fitness Center is very lucky to have Dana Cordy- Registered Dietitian offer free nutritional counseling at Running Wolf on Mondays from 5 to 7pm. I asked her to write an article this month-Thanks, Dana! 2013 ”“ A New Year for Healthy Eating from Dana Cordy- Registered Dietitian from Native American Community Clinic ”“located on Franklin Avenue and 12th. Having just entered into the exciting and challenging time of New Year”'s resolutions, many people are asking me what changes they can make to their diet to be healthier in 2013. There are many, simple and easy ways to do this. I generally recommend to my clients that they start small with a reasonable, measurable goal. For example, I have many patients who are trying to cut back on sugar sweetened drinks like pop or sweet tea. Studies show that replacing just one of these drinks with a glass of water each day can result in significant weight loss over time. Try drinking 1 glass of water first thing in the morning for the month of January. With this small change, you can help create a healthy habit that you can stick to for the entire year. Praise yourself for this accomplishment. Now you are ready to add a new goal to your healthy eating plan! Here a few other ways you can incorporate healthier behaviors into your daily routine: Want to eat more whole grains? Try eating 1 cup of cooked oatmeal with ½ sliced banana and 1 tablespoon of heart healthy nuts like walnuts for breakfast. Looking for a new way to add vegetables to your meal but don”'t know how to prepare them? Try coarsely chopping broccoli, carrots and cauliflower; mix with 1 tablespoon olive or canola oil and a dash of salt, pepper or any other herbs and spices. Spread onto baking sheet. Bake for 15 minutes at 425º stirring half way through. Enjoy! Running out of quick dinner ideas? Keep reduced sodium canned beans in your cupboard and packaged, whole wheat or corn tortillas [...]

Tracking Running Wolf: Happy New Year- 2013-My Healthy Year Plan with Running Wolf Fitness Center!

By Connie Norman Now that the holidays are over, what”'s next in the Minnesota long, cold winter! How about trying something new for your fitness routine or if you don”'t have a fitness routine come to Running Wolf Fitness Center and get started! Here are some tried and true suggestions for your better year! 1. Keep the alcohol and desserts to twice-a-week. We all want to go a little crazy on the sweets and drinks during the holidays, and if you eat “clean” the other five days of the week you can afford a little indiscretion in your diet. A lot of my clients even commit to a “dry” January to help them get back on track ”” no alcohol until February 1st. 2. Add intervals to your workouts. Study after study show that working past your comfort zone by varying the intensity of exercises, no matter what your fitness level is, can elevate your metabolism for up to 36 hours AFTER your workout; this extra boost can be what keeps you from putting on a few pounds even with some indulging! 3. Take a Yoga or Tai-Chi class to help de-stress. Increased levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) have been shown to add inches to your mid-line, and a few peaceful mantras might be just what the doctor ordered when you”'re going to be dealing with your in-laws. (more…)

Brrr! Winter is coming-Stay fit at Running Wolf

By Connie Norman As the manager of Running Wolf Fitness Center I have already heard (and participated in) moaning and groaning about the coming winter and there”'s one question that comes up again and again: How am I going to stay fit when the weather gets cold? The key to staying fit in the winter is creating your own personal exercise-friendly environment with what you have available. Creating an exercise-friendly winter means planning ahead and dealing with the biggest winter exercise obstacles or, what we will call The Big Three: (more…)

Needed: Thousands of Running Wolves!

By Jake (Richard) Jacobi Shortly after Running Wolf Fitness Center opened last fall in the Phillips Community Center, I and my neighbor joined. I”'d never exercised in a gym, and I”'m pushing 70 years. My neighbor”'s about my age. We found Running Wolf through our diabetes support group, A-POD (A Partnership of Diabetics). A-POD moved into rooms in the same newly reopened Phillips Community Center. In my prime, I was a pretty good walker, and I swam in lakes in the summers and irregularly swam laps in a club in the winters. Just the same, I developed longstanding ankle issues and let myself get too big. In 2009, five years into my retirement, I ran into my own personal buzzsaw: a torn hamstring from doing the splits on sidewalk ice, renewed ankle pain on both sides from favoring the hamstring and in August of that year, a diagnosis of Type Two diabetes with peripheral neuropathy of the feet, which makes me slightly balance-impaired. (more…)

Running Wolf Exercise/Excuse alike

By Jeane Moore My name is Jeane and I hate to exercise. I am 71 years old and overweight and diabetic. Being a diabetic, of course, puts me at a higher risk for kidney and cardiovascular problems. My mother and father both died of heart-related disease. So did one of my grandmothers and one of my grandfathers. But I let myself get to the age of being an elder without learning how to take care of myself, even with all those object lessons. Well, I knew how in my head but not my gut. Then a series of good-luck events happened to me. First, I ran into a neighbor, Jake, at a meeting and saw him without a coat on for the first time in months and he”'d shrunk! By half! He had lost 100 pounds. He gave me a ride home and I said what did you do and he explained his diet to me (he eats less”“who knew? But he had some very useful information on how to accomplish that) and mentioned his support group. I asked, very casually, if I might go to his support group. Well, he”'d see. And he did and I started attending A-POD meetings. (more…)

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