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Wednesday June 12th 2024

Tracking Running Wolf: Happy New Year- 2013-My Healthy Year Plan with Running Wolf Fitness Center!

By Connie Norman

Now that the holidays are over, what”'s next in the Minnesota long, cold winter! How about trying something new for your fitness routine or if you don”'t have a fitness routine come to Running Wolf Fitness Center and get started! Here are some tried and true suggestions for your better year!

1. Keep the alcohol and desserts to twice-a-week. We all want to go a little crazy on the sweets and drinks during the holidays, and if you eat “clean” the other five days of the week you can afford a little indiscretion in your diet. A lot of my clients even commit to a “dry” January to help them get back on track ”” no alcohol until February 1st.

2. Add intervals to your workouts. Study after study show that working past your comfort zone by varying the intensity of exercises, no matter what your fitness level is, can elevate your metabolism for up to 36 hours AFTER your workout; this extra boost can be what keeps you from putting on a few pounds even with some indulging!

3. Take a Yoga or Tai-Chi class to help de-stress. Increased levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) have been shown to add inches to your mid-line, and a few peaceful mantras might be just what the doctor ordered when you”'re going to be dealing with your in-laws.

4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. It”'s been said so many times, but it”'s so true. Often people think they”'re hungry when they”'re actually dehydrated. Plain water is the best, but coconut water is a close second because it helps to naturally replace electrolytes lost, it”'s low in calories and can help your skin glow.

5. Motivation follows action. It”'s my favorite saying when it comes to making workouts a regular part of your life. When you”'re sitting on the couch feeling completely unmotivated, force yourself to get up, get into your workout clothes and out the door. Once you start moving the motivation will almost definitely kick in!

6. Something is better than nothing. It”'s easy to decide to skip all activity when getting to the gym isn”'t a possibility, but even something as simple as taking two steps at a time up the stairs can burn a few extra calories, tone your glutes and get you to where you”'re going to a bit faster. Build exercise into your home or office during breaks or lunch.

7. Check out a new class. The new year is a great time to check out a class at Running Wolf, or check out one of the many park buildings, schools or malls or other agencies that allow walking indoors”” you live in the best city for fitness”¦it”'s everywhere!

8. Work your core while you”'re waiting for the bus. Engaging the core in balance exercises is easy, fun and can be done pretty much anywhere. When you look at that timetable and see that the bus isn”'t coming for 8 more minutes, challenge yourself to stand on one foot for 4 minutes and on the other foot until the bus arrives. As we get older our balance declines which can lead to slips and falls and often injuries. Maintaining good balance is a great way to stay healthy. Running Wolf offers Tai Chi and other classes for better balance to prevent falls this winter!

So come and join us at Running Wolf for your best healthy new year! Call (612)872-2388 for more information on membership and classes or come to take a tour of the facility and get started!

Happy New Year from Running Wolf Fitness Center! 2323 11th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55404

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