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A-Pod CHAT: Advancing Opportunities through a Partnership of Diabetics

A-Pod CHAT: Advancing Opportunities through a Partnership of Diabetics

When A Partnership Of Diabetics (A-POD) was first designed and implemented, our goal was simply to create a community-based program for advancing the skills of persons with diabetes to become better self-managers of their condition. We started with POD-Tensives, a daylong workshop to introduce our strategies to participants and then sponsored weekly Meet-ups where participants could share the “mile-markers” on their journey toward better health and wellness. Meet-ups became and still are the key ingredient in A-POD”'s program because it”'s the time that participants can actually share their progress or problems with others with similar challenges. Meet-ups are more than a “support group” because we also track participant”'s numbers to demonstrate that with the additional focus on diabetes and learning new and better tools to manage our conditions, we improve! In a third party evaluation conducted by a graduate student from the University of Minnesota”'s School of Public Health we found that more than 90% of our participants have improved, using the same statewide criteria used by all Minnesota clinics and hospitals. A-POD has surpassed any other institution”'s success rate by more than 25 percentage points, yet at a fraction of the cost that other programs require. (more…)

“Exercise and Excuse looked too much alike for too long.”

My Running Wolf Story by Jeane Moore My name is Jeane and I hate to exercise.  I am 71 years old and overweight and diabetic.  Being a diabetic, of course, puts me at a higher risk for kidney and cardiovascular problems.  My mother and father both died of heart-related disease.  So did one of my grandmothers and one of my grandfathers. But I let myself get to the age of being an elder without learning how to take care of myself, even with all those object lessons.  Well, I knew how in my head but not my gut.  Then a series of good-luck events happened to me.  First, I ran into a neighbor, Jake, at a meeting and saw him without a coat on for the first time in months and he”'d shrunk!  By half!  He had lost 100 pounds.  He gave me a ride home and I said what did you do and he explained his diet to me (he eats less -- who knew?  But he had some very useful information on how to accomplish that) and mentioned his support group.  I asked, very casually, if I might go to his support group.  Well, he”'d see.  And he did and I started attending A-POD meetings. I had family members and friends and a medical provider who certainly wanted to see me lose weight and be healthy and not die.  Not yet.  But A-PODers are diabetics, many of them older, like me, and they struggle with weight and diet and blood-sugar control just like I do.  They knew what to say to me and I was smart enough to listen.  They helped me lose fifty pounds.  And Jake and I rode to the meetings together and I couldn”'t bring myself to call him and say, “Not this week.”Â  He would say, “Well, okay.”Â  And I would shrivel with guilt. Running Wolf.  I had tried doing exercises at home and I had even tried the Lake Street version of Running Wolf.  As for at home, the words “exercise” and “excuse” looked too much alike.  On Lake Street, Running Wolf was too [...]

This Country seriously needs several thousand more ”˜Running Wolves”'

By Jake Shortly after Running Wolf Fitness Center opened last fall in the Phillips Community Center, I and my neighbor joined. I'd never exercised in a gym, and I'm pushing 70 years. My neighbor's about my age. We found Running Wolf through our diabetes support group, A-POD (A Partnership of Diabetics). A-POD moved into rooms in the same newly reopened Phillips Community Center. In my prime, I was a pretty good walker, and I swam in lakes in the summers and irregularly swam laps in a club in the winters. Just the same, I developed longstanding ankle issues and let myself get too big. In 2009, five years into my retirement, I ran into my own personal buzzsaw: a torn hamstring from doing the splits on sidewalk ice, renewed ankle pain on both sides from favoring the hamstring and in August of that year, a diagnosis of Type Two diabetes with peripheral neuropathy of the feet, which makes me slightly balance-impaired. Over 20 months, starting in January of 2009, I lost 100 pounds, most of it in the winter of 2009-2010, during which I started recording everything I ate and going to a club regularly to wade laps. In April 2010 my doctor took me off my meds, because my blood sugars were stable. That was all to the good, of course, but the drastic weight loss was hard on my muscles and metabolism. My calves, especially, were woefully reduced from what they had been in my salad days, and my pulse was faint, so that a couple of care providers had trouble finding it. It was this that I was dealing with when I came to Running Wolf. I'm going to a pool most mornings to do water aerobics and swim a few laps, but I also need to do something which calls for greater exertion. At Running Wolf I've found more than enough things I can do to fill a session of 90 or more minutes two or three times a week. I shun the treadmill and ellipticals because of my ankles, but I'm using three or four of the weight machines for 40 or 50 minutes, and I use the "dip" machine, [...]

Marine Vet Gets back in shape at 52

By Connie Norman We want to continue to share the great success stories from our Running Wolf members. So here is Sal”'s story! Salvador Pacheco lives and works in the Phillips neighborhood and said that he heard we were re-opening the Running Wolf Fitness Center in the neighborhood. So in September he went to NACC and got his fitness exam for the free 6 month membership. He discovered through that he had high total cholesterol of 236. He was determined to set goals to improve that through dietary changes like not using butter and eating high fiber oatmeal and the toughest of all quitting a steady diet of Pepsi. He wanted to improve his overall health so after changing his diet and working with the NACC Dietician-Shannon and lowered his cholesterol by a whopping 100 points in about 6 -8 weeks! He also started his membership at Running Wolf Fitness Center November 1st. Sal came every morning right at 10am when Running Wolf opened and set goals with the trainer-Q and when he started he stated  that he could only do about 5 minutes tops on the Nustep (Recumbent bike). However, he was determined and starting working out on the other machines, treadmills and bike and then tried the Elliptical and felt because he had both knees replaced- one in 2004 and the other in 2007 that the Elliptical was less stress on his knees and yet let him get a good cardio workout. He worked with balancing the workouts with the food he was eating. He stated that he is frustrated with his idea he calls “conspiracy theory” to keep people unhealthy by making the healthy food more expensive and bad food cheap and easy to get. But he is eating healthier and truly seeing the benefit! Page2- Sal continues to work on cardio and weight training to maintain muscle while losing weight. He now does a routine that he calls the “Conan” It is working at the highest setting on the Elliptical and does increments of 20 minutes or goes about 1 hour and also does the [...]

Come Celebrate Re-Opening of Phillips Community Center May 12!

By Shirley Heyer, MPNIA rep to the Phillips Community Parks Initiative and PCC meetings After saving the PCC from demolition or sale to private ownership, residents of the surrounding neighborhoods can sigh with relief! Their four-year effort saved the building with its double gym and swimming pool. Their efforts also resulted in a new partnership between the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) and a half dozen neighborhood organizations which are jointly operating and programming the building. Tours of building: staff of the MPRB, Minneapolis Swims, Running Wolf Fitness Center, Waite House, A Partnership of Diabetics, Ventura Village and the Guri Nabad Center before and after lunch Recognition ceremony Free lunch at noon Four hours of free music ”“ come sit on the grass (or bring a lawn chair) on the west side of the park and watch local performers entertain you on the MPRB semi-truck stage. Participate in the Midtown Greenway Coalition”'s bike rodeo on 13th Ave. S. Check out numerous neighborhood exhibit tables. Come join the Grand Re-opening Festivities Saturday, May 12, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The main entrance is at E. 24th St. and 12th Ave. S. Bike, walk, use your wheelchair! E. 24th St. from 11th to 13th avenues and the 2300 block of 13th Ave. S. will be closed to parking.

Insights of Running Wolf

By Connie Norman, Running Wolf Manager This month from Running Wolf Fitness Center, we want to share our great collaboration with the Center School students who are currently coming 3 times weekly to Running Wolf. Center School (Na-way-ee) school is located on the 2400 block of Bloomington Avenue; Center School has been educating Native American youth for 40 years. Na-way-ee means “The Center”. The Center School is one of only four alternative or charter schools focusing on Native American education. Of those four, they are the oldest and the only one located in Phillips neighborhood, the heart of the Native American Community. This year, Center School has enrolled about 50 young people in grades 7-12. Most of the youth come from the immediate Phillips neighborhood. Typically, students at Center School have encountered difficulties at public school. Many of them have dropped out or lost credits because of poor attendance. Center School provides a fresh start with small classes and a culturally focused curriculum and now we are excited that Running Wolf is a part of their program offerings to these students! Joe Rice, The Center School Director, stated “Center School places a huge emphasis on the Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional health of our students and Staff. We know that a healthy, welcoming environment is essential not only for academic success, but also for health initiatives such as diabetes and pregnancy prevention, which are key components of our overall school program. Because of our collaboration with RWFC our students have access to a gym, fitness center and fitness trainer for the first time in our history.  This is a huge benefit to our students, most of whom have rarely had such opportunities in their lives, providing them with the opportunity to exercise regularly in a structured environment and to develop healthy exercise and diet habits, thereby addressing the two modifiable risk factors for Diabetes. (Diet [...]

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