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Monday July 15th 2024

Brrr! Winter is coming-Stay fit at Running Wolf

By Connie Norman

As the manager of Running Wolf Fitness Center I have already heard (and participated in) moaning and groaning about the coming winter and there”'s one question that comes up again and again: How am I going to stay fit when the weather gets cold?

The key to staying fit in the winter is creating your own personal exercise-friendly environment with what you have available.

Creating an exercise-friendly winter means planning ahead and dealing with the biggest winter exercise obstacles or, what we will call The Big Three:

Cold /snow days weather – How will you make it easier to exercise when it gets cold? Some ideas: Putting your workout clothes in the dryer before workouts, a winter wardrobe to keep you warm and dry so you can get outside sometimes or setting up a home gym for days when it”'s just too cold to go out. Finally-Come to Running Wolf Fitness Center for ideas to keep you fit or join one of our many classes!

Lack of motivation – It”'s easy to lose sight of your long-term goals as you”'re snuggling into your warm bed on a frigid, dark morning. How could you stay motivated through the winter? Some ideas: Sign up for a class at Running Wolf and enlist a workout buddy to meet you for regular workouts or set up a plan for monitoring yourself throughout the season to keep yourself on track.

The crazy holidays – Look at your calendar and mark all the parties, holidays, travel days, etc. Now, think of how you can stay fit through all the craziness. For example, could you put together a series of body weight workouts to do on the road? Could you research some healthy holiday recipes to avoid too many calories? You can also meet with Dana the NACC Dietitian at Running Wolf on Mondays from 5 to 7pm or call Running Wolf  to make an appointment with Dana to discuss holiday eating tips and meet with our personal trainer/s to develop an “on the road” exercise plan!

Join us at Running Wolf Fitness Center for ideas for individualized plans to help you stay motivated and healthy during the holidays and through the cold winter months!

For more information on Running Wolf Fitness Center please call (612)872-2388 and Stay Warm! – Connie Norman- Manager

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