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“Turning A Negative Into A Positive”¦.” GI Hi-Jacked at Hi-Lake!… Green Institute dead to South Mpls.

by Annie Young Last month The Alley printed information about The ReUse Center closing. Now another part of the story unfolds before our eyes, where has the Phillips Eco-Enterprise Center and The Green Institute gone? On Monday, January 25th the Phillips Eco-Enterprise Center”'s name came down and Greenway signage was put up. On Friday, January 29th The Green Institute offices moved out of the building with a smattering of files and limited staff up to the other ReUse Center store in Maplewood. To date, none of us in the Phillips neighborhood know the GI Board”'s response to the administration”'s malfeasance. We probably never will. That is their business and we probably don”'t need to have the dirty laundry hung out for everyone to see. However, it seems we do somehow need to communicate that The GI, ReUse Center and Deconstruction Services are all but gone ”“ or what”'s left of them have gone to Maplewood... So be it for grassroots democracy and action. For years, the Phillips community has been proud of its Green Institute, ReUse Center and DeConstruction Program. It has won awards for its endeavors. The projects were the first of their kind, entering the fight for environmental justice and setting examples that are now almost common day occurrences. Reusing materials and bringing renewable energy initiatives to the community ”“ both lofty goals but leaves us wondering “What happened?” With these gone now and some of the services moved to Maplewood there is no longer a connection to the Phillips community ”“ the home of the roots of these endeavors. (more…)

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