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A POEM BY THOMAS R. SMITH Peace to the goose with the broken wing, eliciting     the maddening kindness of human beings, maddening     because inconsistently applied. Peace to the snapping turtle burrowed in the riverbottom     mud, frozen and sealed as if for Judgment Day. Peace to the queen bee in her hive, kept warm     at the center of a ball made of thousands of her     subjects, not all of whom will survive the winter. Peace to the bear in her leafy den, giving birth     in her sleep, as it seems that poets sometimes do,     astonished to awaken to the bright, hungry eyes     of the poem. Peace to the trees keeping their minds on heaven,     while holding fast the under-sky of roots and mycelia. Peace to the clouds, shielding the sun from the     glaring follies of humans below. Peace to all the fevered world with its rising     temperature and tides. Peace to the famished who have eaten the poisoned     bread of lies. Peace to the strangers to themselves, unable to abide     their own company. Peace to those from whom everything has been stripped,     who shiver in fear of the coming winter,     having never recovered from the last. Peace to those who live in dread of the picture     the puzzle pieces of dusk are assembling. Peace to those whom anger and shame keep awake     through the long night, fighting the reckoning     that collapses the day. Peace to the one who lights a single candle, hoping its heat     is enough to keep him alive while help is on its way. Peace to those who wait patiently and impatiently     for a new song to be born in the silence. [...]

Have You Heard the One About…

Have You Heard the  One About…

By Patrick Cabello Hansel A lawyer, a pastor and a saxophone player walked into”¦a cemetery? What”™s the punchline? You”™ll have to come to “QUITTING TIME at a Place of Endless Time,” on Saturday, September 18th at 4 pm at the historic Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery at East Lake Street and Cedar Avenue in Minneapolis. Patrick Cabello Hansel”™s 2nd book of poetry, “Quitting Time,” is an extended elegy to his father, Walter Hansel. It engages his history from his birth into a German-speaking home in rural North Dakota, through the Great Depression, World War II, and becoming a barber and raising a family in Austin, MN. Patrick retired in 2020 after serving with his wife Luisa for 15 years at St. Paul”™s Lutheran Church in Phillips. He is the author of the poetry collection “The Devouring Land,” and his work has been published in over 70 journals. Twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize, he has received awards from the Loft Literary Center and the Minnesota State Arts Board. At the event, Patrick will read with prize-winning poets Tim Nolan and Richard Terrill. There will be live music with Larry McDonough on keyboards and Richard Terrill on sax. Books will be available for purchase and signing after the program, and there will be an optional tour of the historic cemetery. Tim Nolan is a lawyer and the author of The Field (New Rivers Press, 2016), And Then (New Rivers Press, 2012) and The Sound of It (New Rivers Press, 2008). Richard Terrill is a sax player and the author of poetry collections What Falls Away is Always, Almost Dark and Leaning Into Rachmaninoff. You can enter the cemetery on the Cedar Avenue side. Please bring a lawn chair or blanket. We will try to keep you updated on COVID restrictions, but be prepared with a mask just in case. And if you”™re not vaccinated, please do so!

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