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Monday April 15th 2024

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How about also making Park, Portland, 26th and 28th Streets more “Accessible, Vibrant, Pedestrian and Biker Friendly with Less” and Slower Speeds?

Hennepin and 1st Avenues have been changed to two-way streets again so they will be “more accessible, more vibrant, with slower speeds and less around the block trips,” according to city planners and politicians, plus many pedestrian and bicycle improvements. The City widened Park and Portland Avenues and 26th and 28th Streets decades ago: decreasing pedestrian space, removing old well-canopied trees decreasing space for new trees, and increasing speeds on former residential streets thus making them speedways unfriendly to residents, pedestrians and bikers alike. Is it time to return residential streets so they, too, are more “accessible and vibrant” with less around the block driving and slower speeds coupled with improvements for pedestrians and bikers?

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