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Alley Board – 2021 Year in Review

The coronavirus pandemic continues to challenge our ability to connect in person with our partners, sponsors, and our Phillips community members. The pandemic has limited our ability to strengthen our relationships, and to host in-person fundraisers. In spite of these challenges, we have successfully continued to publish the Alley, and we have increased our capacity to find new writers in the Phillips community, who bring a more diverse array of stories and information to you. For this, credit is due to the Editorial Leadership Committee, a group of Phillips volunteers dedicated to telling the stories of our neighborhood through community-led journalism. The Committee was formed a few years ago, to focus on distributing the work of  storytelling and copy-editing our monthly content to more community members, to better support our mission of community led and community informed journalism. While fundraising continues to be a challenge, we are happy to report that we were awarded a grant from the Swedish Institute to reach and highlight the work of small businesses and artists of color, to support and promote their work to a wider audience. We raised significant revenue from Alley readers and supporters. We also increased the number of sponsored pages, produced by organizations that wish to reach the Phillips community. Currently, four city-funded Phillips neighborhood organizations sponsor half- and full-page spaces to communicate their work, their community happenings, and to promote engagement with the people they serve. Additionally, the Cultural Wellness Center sponsors the back page each month to promote their community wellness initiatives.  This success allowed us to hire a part time business manager, Ben Heath, to manage tasks that Harvey Winje and Susan Gust have performed for many many years, when we could not even think of hiring someone to do the basic operations of the Alley. We are also very proud to have Jessie Merriam as our graphic [...]

Why I Contribute to the Alley

By our wonderful contributors! Dave Moore, cartoonist (with Linnea Hadaway), Dave’s Dumpster, Spirit of Phillips 1. Tradition.  I've been in the alley almost monthly since the mid-80s. 2. Wendell Phillips.  Our neighborhood is named after this freedom fighter.  Linnea Hadaway & I are proud to illustrate quotations from his speeches. 3. I like sharing art with my neighbors.  I wish some would say "I can do better than that" and send in their own. Dwight Hobbes, writer, Something I Said Because it is the only community newspaper I've written for that doesn’t serve a publisher's propagandist agenda first and the community as an afterthought.  Marti Maltby, writer, Peace House Community I started writing for the alley because they asked me to contribute a column each month from PHC, which seemed like an easy way to contribute to the neighborhood. As I've gotten more used to writing the columns, I've grown more comfortable being a voice for PHC's community members and trying to find positives in trying circumstances. It's a chance for me to help others understand important issues and to recognize a lot of special people. Peter Molenaar, writer, Raise Your Voice This person of northern European descent opposes all manner of terroristic threats. In its essence, the alley is the opposite of White-Nationalism.  Patrick Cabello Hansel, writer, Returning I contribute to the Alley because it's a constant presence in the midst of an ever changing world. (And because you print my stuff!) Sue Hunter Weir, writer, Tales from the Cemetery Tales from the Cemetery is intended to be a reminder that the Phillips community has a long, interesting history. It was the first, and for many years, the only cemetery in Minnesota listed in the National Register.  It is the home of thousands of immigrants, many members of the City's early African-American community, and thousands of children who would have [...]

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The Alley is the community newspaper of the Phillips Community in Minneapolis. We serve more than 20,000 residents, and many businesses, agencies, schools, and visitors to Phillips. Now in our 45th year of publication, we continue to be a forum of ideas, information, and announcements, all directed at the variety of individuals and groups who are part of this neighborhood. The Alley is the only paper to concentrate exclusively on the Phillips Community. This allows us to cover in-depth the issues and stories that matter to the people who live here. The Alley is a non-profit organization; our mission is to provide a place where voices that are often ignored by the mainstream media can be heard. The Alley counters the often negative portrayal of our community with the narrative of its residents that offer a more balanced documentation of the Phillips community. We encourage community involvement in all aspects of creating the paper. We want the voices of Phillips to be heard. If you are interested in writing for The Alley, or otherwise becoming involved in this grassroots, community-led and community-directed organization, please contact us at

Join us!

Join us!

The 43-year path traveled by The Alley newspaper

The 43-year path traveled by The Alley newspaper

Wendell Phillips By HARVEY WINJE PREAMBLE People have told stories, shared information, and offered opinions for many ages and without printed paper and recordings through avenues that have there own style of permanence. Hieroglyphics, art and picture writing provided a means that could be preserved in another style of permanence. The printing press increased the possibility of a broader way to distribute written communication but fewer people were able to produce the writing. Electronic and social media has expanded the amount of communication occurring and with much less expense and to many more people. In 1976, some people in the Phillips Community knew the benefits of some written form of talking to one another that could also help to preserve the community”'s history. Thus, a newspaper began and took the name “The Alley”, acknowledging some of the most common, honest, and least pretentious, day-to-day conversation happens in backyards and across alleys. It is where basketball is played, cars are repaired, and refuse put in carts. Alley Communications became the name of the nonprofit corporation in 1999 as a way of identifying the organization that had begun to develop a broader mechanism to include other communication projects and strategies in addition to publishing the newspaper. (more…)

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