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Something I Said

By DWIGHT HOBBES This is but one reason I don”™t give a tinker”™s damn who wins what office in Minneapolis next month: if you can name single candidate for mayor, city council or dog catcher who”™s stumping as an agent for change in the prevalence of violence against women, I will eat his or her hat. Yet there isn”™t a single one who wasn”™t born to a woman. Safe Haven Shelter out of Duluth documents that in this so-called progressive state the stats of women being abused in the home is an unmitigated disgrace. Only a few notations made at domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women ”“ more than injuries by muggings, stranger rape and car crashes put together; almost a third of homeless Minnesota women were abused; about 76% of women killed by their partners were stalked by their partners before their murder. There”™s more at the website, a lot more ”“ look it up. And, according to the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women, 22 women were killed in 2015, 18 in 2016 and 19 in 2017. How much would you like to bet that number has not gone down since. But, here, in 2021, in the aftermath of that damnable contagion having cornered women with their abusers during last year”™s lockdown, we can fully expect it to have considerably risen.     What are seated politicians as well the glad-handing would-be”™s who want you to vote them into a nice cushy job and a fat salary doing to address this ongoing civic catastrophe? That rhetorical question demands a straight answer, at least some indication they give a damn about so much as approaching a solution to this widespread problem. But it is a non-issue.     It”™s not like abused women don”™t vote. Which wouldn”™t be an excuse anyway, but, we know how so-called political movers and shakers think: show me the [...]

The Other Pandemic, Violence Against Women

The Other Pandemic, Violence Against Women

By Marco Dávila C. HER NAME IS YADHIRA ROMERO MARTĺNEZ Let”™s imagine how great would be the indignation in the mainstream media if the murdered young woman, instead of being a Mexican with US Citizenship, had been the daughter of the governor, the president, or some millionaire or celebrity? She never returned home. Yadhira Romero Martinez lived in Morelos, Mexico with her parents. Recently she traveled to Minnesota, her place of birth. She was 19 years old. She was found dead in a house in Powderhorn Neighborhood (E Lake Street and 18th Avenue South).It is a systemic problem. Of course, a murderer is a murderer and should pay for their crime. But it is also imperative to turn and see the circumstances and causes, and ask ourselves how we can prevent these horrible murders, instead of holding to the conservative idea that simply putting people in prison solves all problems.Femicide is a pandemic that ends women”™s lives. “In 2011 alone, according to The Guardian, it happened to 1,600 women and girls from Alaska to New York, of all races, ages, and income levels. They were murdered in their beds and in their cars, at work and at yoga classes, with parents, husbands, ex-boyfriends, cousins, children, neighbors, and strangers.”The community in South Minneapolis has taken it personally. For the big media companies, it may not be a very important story, but for neighbors in South Minneapolis, this case is as important as it is outrageous. As soon as the news broke, the community came together and mobilized itself. The fact that hundreds of people have come to the vigils and marches demonstrates that indeed, people do want to do something to stop these things from happening. “¡Ni una más!” (not one more) is a demand that resounds during the protests.This cannot become normal for us. We cannot allow Yadhira Romero Martinez to become just another statistic. Let”™s take the terrible [...]

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