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The Fantastic Mr. Fox & Sherlock Holmes

The Fantastic Mr. Fox & Sherlock Holmes

Fantastic Mr. Fox ***** Twentieth Century Fox Animation Lagoon Running Time: 81 minutes Rated: PG Director: Wes Anderson The adaptation of Roald Dahl”'s book to a movie by the same title, “Fantastic Mr. Fox”, directed by Wes Anderson and written by Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach, is an ambitious and delightful project. The old saying “sly like a fox” is more than apt for extroverted Mr. Fox (George Clooney). Barely escaping from a few chickens napping and a newly pregnant wife, Mrs. Fox (Meryl Streep), he promises to stop stealing chickens. After a hiatus, Mr. Fox returns to the scenes of the crimes by raiding coops of Boggis, Bunce and Bean, three farmers who ban together to destroy Mr. Fox and all his cohorts. Bean owns a cider factory which was broken into by Mr. Fox and his friends Badger (Mr. Murray) and Kylie (Wally Wolodarksy), to steal the bottles of cider. Will they get caught or will they outfox (pardon the pun) the farmers? Ash (Jason Schwartzman), the son of Mr. Fox, competes with his handsome visiting cousin Kristofferson (Eric Anderson), the former is jealous of the latter. As such, Mr. Fox”'s teasing the edges of danger is appealing to adults and children alike. Sherlock Holmes Warner Brothers Action/Crime/Drama Lagoon (12/27/09) Running Time: 128 minutes Director: Guy Ritchie Reviewing the Sherlock Holmes movies and television series one can go back to silent film days shorts “Arsene Lupin contra Sherlock Holmes” (1910 ”“ Germany) by Viggo Lursen, “Kri Kri Contro Sherlock Holmes” (1915 comedy) by Raymond Dandy, “The Devil”'s Foot” (1921) Eille Norwood as Sherlock Holmes and Hubert Willis as Dr. John Watson), and “Sherlock Holmes Jr.” (1911) by Edwin S. Porter, and others. The most famous Sherlock Holmes movies (a total of 14) with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce, Holmes and Watson respectively are directed by Ray William [...]

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