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Movie corner: ‘Godzilla’ muddles along

Movie corner:  ‘Godzilla’ muddles along

By HOWARD McQUITTER II “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” (2019)  ** of 5 Warner Bros. San Francisco, a city that’s become one of exorbitancy in recent years, where homelessness is all too common and billionaire corporations line the skyline like ducks in a row, five [...]

Movie corner: Timely take on immigration

Movie corner:  Timely take on immigration

By HOWARD McQUITTER II “The Deposit” (2019) ****1/2 Askja Films Drama Here again, I’m reporting from the 38th Minneapolis-St. Paul Inter-national Film Festival with another gem of a film only this time it’s from Iceland. What’s exciting, too, is the director is on [...]

Movie corner Bold whodunit from Denmark

Movie corner  Bold whodunit from Denmark

By HOWARD McQUITTER II “The Purity of Vengeance” (2019) ***** 5 of 5 stars  This month I’m attending the 38th Minneapolis- St. Paul International Film Festival for about the 14th year (not necessarily in consecutive order) and for the third year (consecutively) as press [...]

Movie corner Rewatch Bogart’s last movie

Movie corner  Rewatch Bogart’s last movie

By HOWARD McQUITTER II “The Harder They Fall” (1956)  ****  Columbia Pictures A hard-hitting boxing movie where the mob has an iron-grip on the boxing business and like another film of the same era  called “Set-Up”(1949), it features much reality about who [...]

Movie corner ‘Stan and Ollie’ delightful

Movie corner  ‘Stan and Ollie’ delightful

By HOWARD McQUITTER II 2019, Sony Pictures 4.5 out of 5 A delightful, modest biopic about Stan Laurel (Steve Coogan) and Oliver Hardy (John C. Reilly), the best comedy duo in Hollywood at its golden age. Director Jon S. Baird (“Filth” 2014, “Cass” 2008) and [...]

Movie Corner February 2019

Movie Corner February 2019

By HOWARD McQUITTER II 10 Best Films of 2018 1.) “Roma” (R) – In the early 1970s, a maid (Yalitza Aparicio) working for a well-to-do family in one year has unexpected challenges. Director: Alfonso Cuaron. Running time: 135 minutes. Language: Spanish in English subtitles. [...]

Movie Corner December 2018-January 2019

Movie Corner December 2018-January 2019

By HOWARD McQUITTER II “THE PRIVATE WAR” -- The film is based on the 2012 article “Marie Colvin’s Private War” in Vanity Fair by Marie Brenner. All wars are ugly, often scripted, and always deadly (especially for civilians and war correspondents). Marie Colvin [...]

Movie Corner – November 2018

Movie Corner – November 2018

By HOWARD McQUITTER II This year, 2018, marks the 50th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece or, one of them anyway, “2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968), a treasure of science fiction/ drama although a film in this day that may not be fully understood, at least at the [...]

Movie Corner

Movie Corner

By HOWARD McQUITTER II Burt Reynolds Feb. 11, 1936 - Sept. 6, 2018 The man with the rakish mustache, keen eyes and good looks started with acting on television such as playing in 50 episodes of “Gunsmoke” (1962-1965) and various roles in “The Twilight Zone”, “Perry Mason”, [...]

Movie Corner

Movie Corner

BY HOWARD McQUITTER II “BlacKkKlansman” (2018) Biography/Comedy/Crime Monkeypaw/Blumhouse 5/5 Stars Ron Stallworth writes a memoir, “Black Klansman,” the basis for Spike's provocative new film “BlacKkKlansman,” a true story, though it seems fictional in almost all [...]

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