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In This Time of Need, Minnesotans Have Stepped Up; It’s Government’s Turn

In This Time of Need, Minnesotans Have Stepped Up; It’s Government’s Turn By Allison Sharkey, Felicia Perry, and Chad Kulas This guest commentary first appeared in the Minnesota Reformer The civil unrest that unfolded in the wake of George Floyd’s murder has had a deep and lasting [...]

Stop the Violence against Asian Americans

Stop the Violence against Asian Americans

By NINA, an 8th Grader at Jefferson Community School Art by Nina An article from 1907 says, “We must exclude the Chinese, Hindu and Koreans, and even the Japanese, if necessary.” Blatant racism is shown in connection to a disease and now we’re seeing history repeat itself. Currently, Asian Americans are still being attacked and blamed [...]

Can You Say “Tuskegee Experiment?

Can You Say “Tuskegee Experiment?

SOMETHING I SAID By DWIGHT HOBBES You couldn’t throw the COVID-19 or any other number vaccine on me in a bucket of water. Can you say Tuskegee Experiment? The research for which African Americans were used by the United States Public Health Service as lab rats to explore the effects of syphilis. That was far back as 1932 but medical [...]

Compassion and Courage During the Coronavirus

LETTER TO THE EDITOR By LEE LEICHENTRITT During the month of March, when John Charles Wilson and I came down with the coronavirus, two brave people came to our aid. Marge Beard and Ben Painter brought us food and drinks in a socially distanced manner, which made our COVID-19 ordeal manageable. The fact that these two people showed compassion [...]

Re-Doing Lake Street

LETTER TO THE EDITOR By Shirley Heyer Metropolitan Transit continues its projects for improving bus service with a Lake Street Line B (Lake/Marshall/Selby/downtown St. Paul) fast bus. Work start is planned for this fall.  Because longer wait times, increased walking distances, redesign of all traffic lanes are major changes, Midtown [...]

Letter to the Editor

How the Militant Right Are Destroying Our Nation and the Anarchist Left Are Destroying Our City My hope and prayer is that our nation is learning some lessons from forty years of unfettered Republicanism that ended up creating unfettered Capitalism. This year it culminated in what we witnessed in Texas, where from the time of the George W. Bush [...]

Letter to the editor: Garbage!

Letter to the editor: Garbage!

By MYRTLE LARSON  Myrtle Larson was approximately 80 years old and lived on 16th Avenue near 28th Street when she wrote this letter. The new Garbage Transfer Station was never built.  “Over fifty years ago I took a course in Chemistry at the University of Minnesota. The professor who taught the course was Dr. I. William Geiger. [...]

Letter to the community: Corrected Minneapolis water facts

To all this Concerns:  I commend the STEP-UP interns who worked with the Backyard Community Health Hub this past summer and for your in-depth study of water this summer! (Water is life: Drink and live, Sept 2019 issue) I believe that Water is the foundation of all wellbeing, so I am very grateful that you brought forward many ways of Water’s [...]

Letter to the community: Pesticide pollution is perplexing: Arsenic 1938 to 2019

Letter to the community: Pesticide pollution is perplexing: Arsenic 1938 to 2019

The StarTribune article entitled “Superfund Site Mostly Clean,” Aug. 1, 2019, B1, page 1, is incomplete and leaves questions unanswered. For example, reporting that there are only nine property owners who refused soil testing does not tell the whole story.Though the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is tracking this, the number [...]

Letter to the community: Don’t go down the path of ugliness

I am a former 13-year resident of Phillips, during which time I was an activist and sometime-contributor to the Alley.  When I saw “The Rand Report” I thought: Another interesting column. On reading further, I was saddened. The piece is a classic rant, full of angry statements backed up by unsubstantiated or non-existent evidence. (Sound [...]

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