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Letter to the community: Why is YWCA unwilling to have open and fair conversation?

By Doris Overby Midtown COmmittee for due process We have been deeply concerned that the Minneapolis YWCA management and Board chose not to involve the general membership in decision making regarding the new costly pay to park system. We believe that it is now necessary to send this letter to each member of the YWCA Minneapolis Board of [...]

Frank Reflections – Rental housing supply and demand: gratitude or greed?

by Frank Erickson More than 42,000 renter households in Minneapolis, even though employed full-time, pay more for housing than they can afford. Without these 42,000 rental households, there wouldn’t be the high demand for rental housing; there would be supply glut. Are there 42,000 potential renters on waiting lists who can afford the [...]

Letter to the Editor: Stop demonizing Ilhan and let it be a lesson learned

by Dean Zimmerman South Africa had a policy of Apartheid. Lots of people boycotted, marched and protested what was going on in South Africa. South African Officials were chosen in a democracy – well, a democracy for whites, not Colored, Blacks or Indians. Nobody ever said you are anti-South African for protesting this.  Mississippi had a [...]

Letter to the Editor: Frank reflections

by Frank Erickson The Letter to the Editor, “Omissions and distortions abound in libraries, too,” by Berman Sanford in The Alley Newspaper February 2019 is an admirable undertaking; to have things listed at libraries under a heading that truly represents what they were. Berman, who is a member of the American Library Association, uses the [...]

Omissions and distortions abound in libraries, too

To the Editor: by SANFORD BERMAN Much recent reporting and editorializing has concerned the removal of racist public monuments, changing objectionable names (like Lake Calhoun and Lindbergh Terminal in the Twin Cities), and the enshrinement of colonialism in galleries and museums.  Never mentioned is the alarming and pervasive fact that [...]

Letter to the Editor Separating children from parents? “This is exactly who we are!”

BY DONNA NESTE I have been glued to MSNBC, writing letters, and emails to the Justice Dept., Homeland Security, the White House, and calling lawmakers in Washington; since the horrendous, immoral and, frankly, evil Trump policy was put in place; of separating children from their parents at the southern border. While watching this unbelievable [...]

Messiah Demolishes Sanctuary and Sells to the Money Changers, 2018 A.D.

Messiah Demolishes Sanctuary and Sells to the Money Changers, 2018 A.D.

Opinion By HARVEY WINJE There is tragic irony this Passover/Good Friday/Easter Season in the Phillips Community. For Christians, this is a season of introspection, betrayal, death, and celebration. Passover March 30, 2018, is reminiscent of Passover 2,000 years ago when, “Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast those that sold and bought [...]

Letter to the Editor Progress and Vigilance

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Alley Newspaper asked Lindsey Fenner, East Phillips resident, HN County Library worker and AFSME Local 2822 for any updates within the library system since she wrote an article in the FEBRUARY 2018 issue of The Alley. Here is what Linsey offered.] LINDSEY FENNER There are plans developing for overdose training (not Narcan [...]

Letter to the Editor: Tell History in full context; A Single Story is dishonest, disrespectful, and sometimes a monstrous mistake

BY LAURA WATERMAN WITTSTOCK It is the artist’s responsibility to understand the society in which he/she lives and to create art that moves society forward. Apparently this artist thought building a scaffold to reveal the horror of mass hangings would shock and wake people up about the scaffolds of the future unless society comes to its senses. [...]

Letter to the Editor: Profile Police Stops that fear non-whites of any age

By Laura Waterman Wittstock I don’t know how many studies I have read that non-whites are stopped far more than whites. In MN American Indians are arrested far more than their population should suggest when compared to other populations. A great majority of these arrests do not result in convictions. We can’t have an intelligent conversation [...]

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