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Library News

By CARZ NELSON  For updated information on Hennepin County Library services during the Coronavirus Pandemic, visit www.hclib. org. All information is accurate as of December 15, 2020  Franklin Library at 1413 E Franklin Avenue is open for computer use only. Call (612) 543-6925 to make an appointment. The building will remain [...]

Financial Concerns After Death

By MARY ELLEN KALUZA  Death is a tough topic. We fear it for ourselves and we fear it for those we love. On top of the grief, it is a lot of work to lose someone close to you. This blog is meant to help you get started with some of the important tasks around the departed’s finances that will make things much easier if attended to soon [...]

Returning Chapter 6

Unknown  By PATRICK CABELLO HANSEL  Luz yelled at Angel, “How could you forget to pick up our daughter?!”  Angel yelled at Luz, “I thought it was your turn! I worked a double shift yesterday.”  Luz, “How could you do this?”  Angel, “I didn’t DO anything!”  Their shouting woke up [...]

What’s Cookin?

What’s Cookin?

Everyone has been cooking more than ever with COVID-19 closing restaurants and keeping us shut in. No doubt we all have come up with a delicious new dish, made one better, or returned to old favorites.  Let’s spread the love by sharing our favorite dishes. Send your recipes to with the story behind it. A picture of [...]

Random Alley News

-All My Relations Arts has announced their We Are Still Here cohort. We Are Still Here is an 18-24 month partnership with the Hennepin Theatre Trust that will bring large-scale, high profile public artwork created by an emerging network of Native artists to both downtown Minneapolis and the American Indian Corridor highlighting contemporary Native [...]

Midtown Phillips new year meetings and a letter

Midtown Phillips new year meetings and a letter

Saving the Roof Depot

By EAST PHILLIPS NEIGHBORHOOD INSTITUTE  The East Phillips Neighborhood Institute -- through investor Agro Fund One, Ltd. -- has offered to purchase the historic former Roof Depot building. Agro Fund One hopes to participate in East Phillips residents’ own idea: turn the huge former Roof Depot warehouse building into the East Phillips [...]

Raise Your Voice

Way Forward: Abolish? By PETER MOLENAAR  It appears that a section of the deep state has been mobilized to thwart the well armed Proud Boys, (sons of Little- Boy-Man). Indeed, a thin blue line is forming to defend the degree of democracy afforded us under the capitalist system. Meanwhile, ”we the people” will defend and deepen [...]

Peace House Community–A Place to Belong

By MARTI MALTBY  In Praise of Creativity About a month ago, I attended a seminar for grant writers. Everyone there hoped to find more effective ways of convincing foundations to give money to our agencies. During the discussion, someone asked me how Peace House Community had pivoted in our service delivery model since the onset of covid. If [...]

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