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Alley July 2019

Alley July 2019


The following letters were written to city officials and submitted to The Alley. “Right to be involved – Public participation is based on the belief that those who are affably a decision have a right to be involved in the decision-making process.” (Passed by Minneapolis City Council in 2007 - updated in 2014).  I am Shontal [...]

For 50 years of immense work and vision – thanks for American  Indian Movement

For 50 years of immense work and vision –  thanks for American   Indian Movement

COURTESY OF AIMMuhammed Ali (back left) and AIM founder Clyde Bellecourt, July 1978. By Sandy Spieler I arrived in Minneapolis in 1973 and moved into the collective household right across the street from Little Earth of United Tribes just as it was being built. Out of that house, the MayDay Parade was born, and so the parade begins each year [...]

SUDAN democracy supporters

SUDAN democracy supporters

PETER MOLENAAR Local people from Sudan Africa rallied with their supporters at the state capital on June 18, 2019. Among the demands: Send the former dictator to the International Criminal Court.

In Brief June 2019

First East-African Chair of the MPHA  Sharmarke Issa is the first immigrant and first East African to serve as Chair of the MPHA Board of Commissioners in the city’s history. He is also the first Somali immigrant in the country to lead a public housing agency’s governing board.  Mayor Jacob Frey said, “Sharmarke’s life experience [...]

Navigation Center: Collaboration, safe housing, new beginnings

This article is reprinted courtesy of the blog at  The Navigation Center is a Native-led, collaborative community response. Red Lake Nation, Metropolitan Urban Indian Directors, Hennepin County, the State of Minnesota, shelter providers in the Minneapolis shelter collaborative, including Simpson Housing Services, and [...]

Semilla summer arts explosion

The Semilla Center for Healing and the Arts at St. Paul’s Lutheran (2742 15th Ave S.) believes that transforming the neighborhood visually can transform the community’s power and spirit. Summer at Semilla is full of activities, around the theme “This Sacred Land,” including:.   • Day camp for children, ages 3-11: June 10-14, 10 [...]

Closing the Circle: MniSotaMakoce (Land where the water reflects the sky) – Dakota Land

Doctrine of Discovery Task Force proposes symbolic compensation for land loss By MICHAEL MILLER The Doctrine of Discovery Task Force is the result of a number of factors – including conversations with Native leaders and a number of people with an intense interest in justice for the Native people of Minnesota.   In addition, some [...]

Steps towards peace: Power in connecting

Steps towards peace: Power in connecting

By MARTI MALTBI Marti Maltby Peace House Community values the “Community” part of our name. PHC’s founder, Sister Rose Tilleman, focused on people rather than things, and as such she wanted to bring together a community rather than open a drop-in center. Since PHC was founded, its members, volunteers and board have found many ways of [...]


Help bump up recycling Funding is available to neighborhood and community nonprofit organizations in Minneapolis to conduct outreach focused on increasing participation in the city’s residential organics recycling program. Participating organizations will receive training, funding and environmental education resources to conduct a project in [...]

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