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Wednesday June 12th 2024

President Obama in Town for Health-Care Reform Rally

Rowena Aubrey, daughter; Elder Naima Richmond, mother, talk about President”'s visit.)

Rowena Aubrey, daughter; Elder Naima Richmond, mother, talk about President”'s visit.)

By Raymond Jackson
On Saturday, September 5, President Obama returned to Minneapolis and spoke to a crowd of 17,000 at the downtown Minneapolis Target Center. This Health-Care Reform Bill is taking on a life of it”'s own as many in the Legislature labor hard to get this bill through. It is attached to a lot of confusion and unclear tactical planning that the President is trying to clear up as he tours the country, both in person and via electronically. At this time it is still not a sure thing to pass. There is a lot of opposition based on clarity and half truths on both sides. I have only electronically followed President Obama”'s path, since attending his Inauguration last February, so this is my first subsequent write up surrounding his presidency.

I noticed several months ago that many major news outlets began to refer to him quite often as Mr. Obama, instead of President Obama, which helped to swell opposition to his official titling as President of The United States of America. It makes one think; Is this really about The Health-Care Reform Bill, or simply opposition to America having a black President. Many seem to be suffering from selective amnesia when remembering all of the problems we now face, were inherited from the Bush administration, and some, even before those terrible eight years of Bush”'s leadership. Is it realistic to think that President Obama can change so much, in so little time in office. I continue to give President Obama high marks for his efforts and most importantly, his example setting of the past 9 months; as he continues to deal with an economic disaster, a war or two, the problems of mass immigration, as well as heavy racial bias, He and many others realize the importance of health-care for all. A sound body leads to a sound mind, which should help America with the other problems we are currently facing.

Everybody seams to agree that the Health-Care system, here in America, is in CRITICAL CONDITION. What has commonly become known as the triple AAA”'s, Accessibility; Affordability;& Availability, are the well known culprits of this overall decline of the American way. They, along with Accountability, appear to be the underlying culprits to the other big problems America now faces.

What is truly amazing is that even the opposition, to Health-Care Reform, agree that something must be done. There is too much nitpicking going on, (in many peoples opinion), that is keeping anything from being agreed upon in detail, therefore keeping anything from ultimately being done to correct THE PROBLEMS OF HEALTH-CARE.

For instance, a group out of Seattle Washington, that were following President Obama”'s Health ”“Care Reform campaign across the country, refer to the President as a sell-out.

The Backbone Campaign, advocates Single Payer Health-Care & Medicare for all. Their point is that Uncle Sam needs help in order to help the people. They presented their message through song and skit, while here in Minnesota, and it sounded much like the Health-Care Reform Bill, President Obama is trying to push through Legislation now. The Bill this group claims the President has abandoned. They said, in their presentation, that over 100,000 die every year because of no healthcare insurance. The Bank bailout situation appears to be at the heart of this dilemma. Paid for with tax-payers monies, many of these banks have returned to a business as usual mental state, several months after receiving taxpayer infused monies, many executives have started to award themselves the huge bonuses partly responsible for the economic crunch. The Backbone Campaign, run by a group called The Lumbar Club, states, “You can”'t bleed us dry”, which indicates that healthcare is needed by those in bad health scenarios; a valid point.

As I was unable to attend the President Obama Health-Care Reform rally, I interviewed some in attendance. “This was like a dream come true; being there, seeing and hearing the President speak”, stated Community Elder, Naima Richmond. She continued, “I was awakened with a phone call, that Saturday morning, and asked if I wanted to go. Of course I said yes! I have only seen him in the news, since attending his Inauguration last February. Actually seeing him here in Minneapolis was like putting frosting on the cake. His message just resonated with my support of him. His message about the importance of having affordable health care, it was incredible! I just don”'t see how anybody would oppose that. Those who are in opposition should come to reality and support him.”

Even though some groups who do support him, do so on the premise that certain things are deleted or added to the Bill. One group, Acorn, via e-mailings, says that the preexisting condition clause must be strengthened, in that it is very difficult for people with pre-existing conditions, to find affordable health-care coverage. They continue that Insurance companies must be prohibited from denying or dropping coverage for patients with preexisting conditions. Impose reasonable limits on out of pocket costs to protect the chronically ill from bankruptcy, and eliminate financial barriers to preventive services.

One can only hope that all of this is ironed out quite rapidly, as we go into, what is described as, the worst and most deadly flu season in decades.

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