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Monday May 20th 2024

THE Murder and Mayhem TOUR

Do you ever think that you would have liked to live back in the “good old days?” Think again. Murders, suicides, rail yard accidents, mill explosions, car wrecks and drownings were pretty much the order of the day. On our (occasionally irreverent) tour, you”'ll hear about some of the highlights of Minneapolis”' history and be introduced to some of the city”'s more outrageous low-lifes. We”'ll visit the graves of Harry Hayward, mastermind of Minneapolis”' crime of the 19th century, and the victims of the Macedonian Murders, the city”'s worst mass murder. And that”'s just for starters. This tour is co-sponsored by Friends of the Cemetery and the Hennepin History Museum. Suggested donation is $5.

What Would Your “Last Meal” on Earth Be?
Last Meal: What would be your last meal on earth and who would be your dining companions? Have a fun conversation with these questions as your starting point. The Last Meal celebration will feature gourmet sandwiches and desserts from The Salty Tart, a bakery owned and operated by nationally-acclaimed pastry chef, Michelle Gayer. The Salty Tart”'s sandwiches and pastries have received rave revues ”“ come see why she was nominated for a James Beard award and why she received four out of four stars from the Star Tribune. In addition to these tasty morsels, the meal will include locally-based salads and Ms. Kelly”'s teas. The cost of the lunch is $10.

Murder and Mayhem and Last Meal Additional Details:
Where: Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery (2925 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN) When: Tours 10 am or 2 pm; lunch served at noon Parking: Free within Cemetery RSVP: The 10:00 am and 2:00 pm tours are limited to 50 people. Lunch reservations are required by noon, on Thursday, October 1.
Note: In case of rain or bad weather, lunch will be served at the
Midtown Global Market at 920 East Lake Street Please email or call Sue Hunter-Weir to reserve your space for the tour and lunch or (612)-874-9233.)

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