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Wednesday June 12th 2024


PART II, Where do we go from here?

By Raymond Jackson

This sequel to last month”'s, ”˜War On Drugs”' article will help to answer readers questions, such as Gina P. of South Minneapolis, who asked, “What do the officiados/doctors say  about this growing dilemma?

“What can we actually do about it?”

“What are some warning signs?”

This follow up article does contain excerpts from the initial article.

Remember that it”'s all about educating and saving lives!

Crack-cocaine continues to rage the inner-city, most particularly, inner-city communities with large populations of people of color. Methamphetamine has still not had a huge negative impact in these communities, even though it is cheaper than crack-cocaine. Do marketing strategies, by those making the most profits; have something to do with this dilemma? Absolutely, yes it does!

So who are the big profiteers of crack-cocaine sales?  Certainly not the low level street corner distributors. Nor is it the ”˜Scarfaces”', as main stream media would like to make us believe. The Tony ”˜Scarface”' Montanas, have a tendency to go out just like he did, and guess who steps right in to profit from his removal.  Perhaps they are different entities that take hold, seize, sale and profit.  There are many so-called, legal profiteers, people making large amounts of cash, off of illegal activities, who are backed by our system. In these larger scale elimination efforts, the seized property brings in millions and the drugs seem to find their way back to the streets.

Although many consider Meth to be cheaper and more powerful than crack-cocaine, because of its make-up,(household products, etc.), the profiteers of Meth, seem to be more low level, somewhat ordinary people.

So what is ”˜The War on Drugs”', really about? It appears to be about profiteering off of the ones, who for whatever reason, have become addicted to drugs .Even though that concept has only recently and slowly started to apply to two of the most addictive, and deadly drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco, of whom humongous profits are made, the LEGAL drugs remain somewhat exempt from ”˜The War on Drugs”', which is leading to a new found drug epidemic, which is actually very old.

This epidemic consists of highly addictive legal drugs that go under the moniker of painkillers. Because they are legal, and the big profiteers from them, is the pharmaceutical industry, it will be quite awhile before they are made a relevant part of ”˜The War on Drugs”'. Long considered a Suburban high, painkilling drugs, such as Percecet, Oxycodiene and Vicodine, have found their way into the inner-city. Many addicts trying to get off of crack-cocaine have resorted to these highly addictive pain medications as a way out, only to become addicted to these alternative drugs.  A lot cheaper, but just as destructive and deadly!

One could even include the various types of sleeping medications into this epidemic. These pills sell for 2-5 dollars each on the street, so therefore the big profit is being made by the manufacturers, who charge millions to the Health Insurance companies that cover these medications. These pills were once the choice of unemployed suburban housewives and their associates. Just as we, the inner-city communities, had to wean each other away from the Prozac fountain, we will have to do the same with these prescription medications.

AMERICA WAKE UP! According to a Pain Specialist, who spoke under the condition of anonymity; “The state of Minnesota is very strict when it comes to pain killing medication. Their one strike and you”'re out concept drives many a recovering addict back into the streets, looking for pain relief. This state does not take into account that we are all human, and humans do make mistakes. In most games there lies a multiple strike or fouls clause. You know, like in baseball, three strikes and you”'re out. If a client tests positive for non-legal medications, we have no choice but to either, ignore the positive test or simply take them off of our care. They usually wind up in jail or dead as a result of this strict enforcement. It”'s like we just give up on them,” he said. “These laws and regulations must be changed or modified, for the sake of humanity.”

As long as high society profits, there will be no pending regulatory efforts. Aren”'t you tired of being bamboozled!

So what one can do is question the need of the prescription. Be very careful when it comes to signing pain contracts that are very open ended and vague. Have someone close to you monitor your doses. Do not tell others that you are on pain medication. And if you feel a growing desire to take more than what the dosage is prescribed; do not hesitate to get professional help in getting off the medication.

Raymond Jackson is a staff writer and can be reached for comments and opinions.

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