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Tuesday July 16th 2024

February Phillips What? Where? Contest

Answer these any 3 of the following 5 questions correctly and win a chance for a drawing of a $10.00 Gift Certificate at Welna Hardware 2438 Bloomington Avenue. After Mt. Sinai Hospital closed the Mpls.
1. Phillips Neighborhood was named for Jay Phillips owner of a large liquor distribution company and philanthropist to Mt. Sinai Hospital and the Phillips Eye Institute. True or False?
2. The Minneapolis-Moline factory stood where one of the following is now. Which is it?
A. McDonalds B. Little Earth C. Target D. Garbage Transfer Station
3. Candy bars were made in the old factory by the Pearson Candy Company (maker of Nut Goodies, Pearson Nut Roll, and other bars) after the White Motor Company did a hostiletake-over of Mpls.-Moline Co. in 1963 eliminating all pensions for workers. True or False?
4. Who was the Owner of Dan Patch who also had a mail order catalog company?
A. Mr. Sears B. Mr. Savage C. Mrs. Pillsbury D. Mr. Peavey, the famous race horse, who lived in a carriage house in Phillips.
5. Was that home at Franklin and Park Avenues? Or 26th and Portland? That townhouse-mansion was torn down for an apartment building which was torn down for which of the following?
A. An addition to the Zuhrah Temple; B. The American Swedish Institute, C. A park D. A condominium housing development by Honeywell.

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