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Wednesday June 12th 2024

Lake Street Council Annual Meeting

Joyce Wisdom LSC Executive Director congratulates John Meegan owner of Top Shelf and organizer of Lyn-Lake Days on his Award for Community Responsibility

by Joyce Wisdom and Chris Oien

We had a great annual meeting on Tuesday March 16th! One of our favorite activities at this event is recognizing some of the many businesses and individuals who help make Lake Street great. This year we gave out six awards. Community Responsibility Awards went too Gandhi Mahal, Top Shelf, and Kathee Foran from In the Heart of the Beast Theatre. Capacity Building Awards went to Highpoint Center for Printmaking and Midtown Global Market”'s Taste Bud Tart. And our Startup & Innovation Award went to Sauce Spirits & Soundbar. Congratulations to all our awardees!
Six people were elected to the Lake Street Council board. Council Member Gary Schiff, Marty Shimko from US Bank, and Debbie Tucker from Hennepin County were all re-elected for three year terms. Nubberd Gonzalez from Goodwill Easter Seals, Joe Gilpin from Wells Fargo, and and Trung Pham from Pham”'s Deli were newly elected to the board.

To close, we featured a panel on Building Our Community”'s Economic Future, with Ron Price from LISC, Morgan Zehner from Zehner Consulting, and Tony Hull from Transit for Liveable Communities. They shared their insights on a variety of topics, such as what makes Lake Street unique, the strengths it can offer during an economic downturn, how to approach business recruitment, and how to best design a roadside so that it works best for businesses and customers using all forms of transportation. The panelists concluded by agreeing that a bright future for Lake Street starts with supporting the hopes, dreams, and lives of the area”'s residents.
Throughout the event we had opportunities to reflect on past successes and our path ahead, including the debut of our Action Plan for the next 5 years. Thank you to everyone who attended!

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