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Monday July 15th 2024

The Alley Newspaper is Bound for The Future!

Bound for the Future had two meanings for The Alley Newspaper in 2010 and now into 2011.

First, it means that the first 30 years of The Alley Newspaper”'s issues are now reprinted on good quality book paper instead of lower quality newsprint paper, and the over 4,000 pages are bound into two sets of 13, hardcover volumes. One set is available to the public at the Downtown Central Library on Hennepin Avenue and the other is available at the Franklin Library on Franklin Avenue. This making of The Alley”'s into hardcover volumes was initiated and paid for by the Hennepin County Library after an Alley volunteer spent hundreds of hours assembling a complete set of those many issues.

The next tasks are:

1. Minnesota Historical Society to the complete 35 years of issues onto microfilm.

2. Digitizing of the 35 years of issue.

3. Produce an index for use with all of the reproductions.

Secondly, “Bound for the Future” means that The Alley has survived for 35 years and is setting a course to continue publishing in 2011 this community-owned and governed newspaper. We hope it is also “bound for the future” while many small and large newspaper are ceasing production. This community-governed media vehicle continues to follow its mission to allow neighbors to talk to each other, “inform and engage” local residents and workers, advocate for causes of peace and justice, and invite everyone to tell a story.

We”'re excited and cautious about this continuation. While there is great encouragement to continue publishing and to find the means to provide the financial support of this endeavor, it is a daunting task. We”'re strengthened to do the job knowing it is a valuable resource and that so many people read the paper and depend on it to be available to fulfill specific, respective purposes.

We invite others to help continue in this task by doing jobs attractive and appropriate to them as we expand our coverage of stories important to our current readers and, indeed, bring along other readers by including additional topics of interest. Please help The Alley to continue holding a vision of the future for the Phillips Community and beyond and to implement that vision. We are still looking for Board Members to help to guide our work, donations of money and articles, advertisers, and constructive critique. We appreciate hearing from our readers no matter what your views are because all views help us to serve our purpose. You can reach as at or 612-990-4022 or PO Box 7006, Mpls,MN 55407. All of us at Alley Communications wish you ample times of hope and joy in 2011.

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