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Buy us a coffee! Set up a $5 donation each month to keep community journalism alive!
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Saturday May 18th 2024

What are the goals for content in each Alley Newspaper?

The Alley Newspaper is not classic journalism that strives for absolute objectivity. The Alley is subjective because it is written by people who live and work in the community and their experiences in doing so.

Ever wonder how The Alley arrived at its name? It acquired the name 35 years ago to represent the honest, person-to-person conversations that happen over the backyard fences of the community whether they are figurative or actual fences. The Alley name represents the common, everyday things that occur in backyards and alleys. The front yards do not necessarily portray the day-to-day activities of the folks who live there.

The printed pages of an issue are finite and especially when we are limited to publishing only 8 to 12 pages. So we have to make choices on what goes into each issue. We have a list of topics from which we strive to have something about every month.

Like a family”'s income and expenses, The Alley”'s ability to include more of these priorities each month is dependent on income. Though The Alley is a nonprofit organization, very little of our income comes from gifts or grants. Instead, we are dependent on having a steady stream of advertisers. Nonetheless, you can expect to see these topics from which we select each month:

  • Advocacy of Community Interests
  • Aesthetics and Architecture
  • Arsenic
  • Arts
  • Good Food
  • Healthcare
  • History
  • Literature
  • Neighborhood News
  • Opinion
  • Resources
  • Sports
  • Stories of people”'s Lives and Events
  • Walking and Biking

If you would like to influence the paper”'s content, if you would like to contribute an article or a photo from time to time, or if you are willing to deliver the paper around your block, please do not hesitate to contact Harvey Winje at or call 612-990-4022. There are abundant ways to help The Alley to continue to appear each month. Or, if you or someone you know would like to advertise in The Alley, please contact Harvey. The Alley wants YOU!

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