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Monday July 15th 2024

Millions In Motion

By Peter Molenaar

The people in this neighborhood of the world have yet another opportunity to experience an enhanced human connection””to elicit a smile and eye contact from the Arab people among us.  For example, don”'t just plop coins on the counter at the corner convenience store, but boldly ask:  “What”'s your opinion regarding the Egyptian Revolution?”Â  You are likely to discover a knowledgeable person.

Why the commotion in Arab lands?

In Egypt, we are told, the corruption of the old regime cost more than $6 billion in public money per year.  Estimates of the former president”'s accumulated fortune range as high as $70 billion.  Mubarek”'s good buddies became merely billionaires while millions lived on less than $2 per day.  Heartless brutality appears as the hallmark of a regime which sadly was considered to have been a “good friend of the United States”.

What line of march forward?

Early on, this writer somewhat errantly objected to the term “revolution”, preferring instead the phrase “dress rehearsal” to describe events.  However, the phrase “National Democratic Revolution” is now deemed appropriate inasmuch as all social classes were represented in the street demonstration.  The establishment of democratic institutions and practices (i.e. ”˜self-determination”') is the goal.  So yes, we have witnessed a revolution.


The present strike movement of the Egyptian working-class will inevitably subside in the period of democratic construction.  The focus will shift to the formation of political parties, etc.  No doubt, certain earnest revolutionists will call me “Stalinist” for revealing this truth!

Yet, in due time, all good bourgeois democratic regimes must succumb to the imposition of revolutionary worker”'s democracy.  Fundamental transformations along socialist lines will commence.  A new humanity will be born.  This too is inevitable.

Masses of millions in motion””this is what revolution looks like.

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