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Tuesday March 5th 2024

What is TRANSITION TOWN PHILLIPS? Here, in a nutshell

By Corrine Bruning

The transition towns concept hails from England, is that peak oil and climate change are challenges that are real and will start having major effects on our oil based society. We look to become resilient and create an Energy Action Descent Plan that moves us toward a localized clean energy future. This also means learning how to grow and preserve food, utilizing all the unused land in the neighborhood to grow food, or to be a better rain catchment system. It means really advocating for transportation change and equality, by making personal choices, and persuading policymakers to make good transportation policy choices. But most importantly, it means getting to know your neighbors and establishing bonds that will help us muster together through these hardships, and not as enemies.

The beginnings of the group formed at a “Local Resilience” event held by Alliance for Sustainability on November 13. Since, then we”'ve come together to discuss what we want our neighborhood to look like (bicycles, mosaics, gardens, murals, dog parks, waving and smiling neighbors), and what skills we”'d be willing to share and learn. Also, as this team has grown, we”'ve had discussions around energy and food, and really would like to make strong relationships with our neighbors, neighborhood groups, and businesses. Our ideas range anywhere from insulation bulk buys for the neighborhood to a street dance with local artists, musicians, and chefs. If anyone would like to find out more about Transition Towns Phillips, please visit our website at:, or email:

So, that”'s Transition Town Phillips in a nutshell.


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