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Monday May 20th 2024

Open Letter about Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery and Sue Hunter Weir

As I have gotten to know Sue over the years, I can not even begin to describe how impressed I am with what a great historian, member of our community, and friend Sue is.  Sue has such a passion for the cemetery.  It may seem like a very niche interest, but Sue has a talent for researching the lives of those Minneapolitans who have come before us and translating them into stories that we may “get to know” these great people in a way that is not communicated through granite.  It is inspirational to know someone who “gets it” that life is about putting your energies toward that which you are passionate about.

One of my great self indulgences (when I can find time to be by myself) is to go to the Midtown Global Market, grab a bite to eat, grab an Alley newspaper, and loose myself in one of Sue”'s articles about someone who lived in our city 100+ years ago.  In particular, Sue brings attention to those who lived rather common, or sometimes even unconventional lives.

These are people who do not have buildings and streets named for them.  I”'m certain these people would never imagine that 100+ years later there would be this lady putting their life story into print.  I love that the organization which cares for the cemetery is named “Friends of the Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery” because if ever a cemetery could have a “friend,” Sue Hunter Weir would be this cemetery”'s “best” friend.

Brian Finstad

I grew up not too far from this cemetery and rode past it hundreds of times on  the bus to downtown not knowing anything about it. It is an interesting example  of how poorly history, even local history, is taught to children by our schools.

David Frenkel

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Reader Feedback

One Response to “Open Letter about Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery and Sue Hunter Weir”

  1. greg says:

    I really enjoy reading the columns about the Pioneer and Soldiers Cemetery. My family and I lived not far from the cemetery for about 25 years, and we spent many hours there every year just enjoying the solumn quiet, and regularly attended Memorial Day services there as well. My great grandparents, Helmer and Inga Marie Tiller, lived in the area from the 1890’s to 1937, and 4 of their children are buried there. One of them, Laura Tiller, burned to death in 1905 at the age of 10 years old.

    I hope to keep reading these columns for many years to come.

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