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Sunday June 16th 2024

Two Films from the 2011 Twin Cities International Film Festival

Dossier K

Two Films from the 2011Twin Cities International Film Festival
Eyeworks Films Best of the Fest
“Best of the Fest”(2009)
“Dossier K”(2009)
*** 1/2
Crime Cast: Koen De Bouw (Eric Vincke), Werner De Smedt (Freddy Verstuyft), Blerim Destani (Nazim Tahir), Hilde De Baerderemaker (Linda de Leenheer), Marieke Dilles (Naomi) Greg Timmerman (Wm Cassiers), John van Assche (Commissioner Francois Vanporys), Naksuti Vildan (Ukay Taahir), Flip Peeters (Majoor De Keyster), Katelijne Verbeke( Moeder Naomi), Fatos Kryeziu (De Magere), Sven De Ridder (Balieman), R.Kan Albay (Prenk Shehu). Running time:100 minutes.Country: Belgium. Language: Dutch/Albanian. Director: Jan Verbeyen. Screenwriter: Jeff Geeraerts.

When Blerim Destani (Nazim Tahir) finds out his father has been murdered in Antwerp by a rival Gaba clan he sets out to avenge his father”'s death. But before he goes on his quest he stops in Antwerp to consult with his godfather, Prenk Shehu (R. Kan Albay), leader of the family mafia clan.

Police officer Vincke (Koen De Bouw) and Detective Verstuyft (Werner De Smedt) move to get to the bottom of the murder and fight head on the Albanian mob taking Antwerp by storm.

From the onset, Nazim must eliminate his opponents, be elusive from the law and the mob, then disappear. Can one man be so adapt and cunning as to beat the odds?

“In Another Lifetime” (2010)




Cast: Peter Vegh (Lou Gandolf), Thomas Franzel (Raphael Glasberg), Ildiko Dobos (Hannah Konig), Kobicska Kalman (Jokbo Konig). Running time: 90 minutes. Language: German.Country: Austria/Hungary/Germany. Director: Elisabeth Scharang.

Twenty Hungarian Jews en route to a concentration camp temporarily are held up on a farm in an Austrian village in the last days of World War ll. Responding to their horrible plight, a captive from Budapest, Lou Gamdolf (Peter Vegh), an opera singer with a tenor voice, decides to organize the handful of Jews for an operetta. The wife and daughter on the farm enter the barn with food and water which is forbidden by the Nazis. The husband, a Nazi himself, initially disapproves but softens when music is in the air lending to him getting his accordion out and playing along with the group.


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