Tuesday January 18th 2022

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by Louis Alemayahu

Peace, Welcome,

Enter all you Kings and Queens of various hues,

Find your thrones,

rest your bones,

look to the four directions.

This place-of-presiding was made for you:

breathe and be.

Sit and celebrate all our royalness,

all our righteousness,

The Holy One has right here brought to be

Through days and seasons

Feel the wind, rain and sun —

Be of heart & fiery tongue,

Speak exaltation:

Decree that all hurts to be healed!


Witness from this crossroads

birdsongs, planes, automobiles,

clouds, stars, moonlight

your heart-beating self…

Witness the royalty of humanity:

our songs, laughter, stories, struggles, outrageousnesses,

moving from survival to prosperity,

moving from plan to planet reality.

From your rainbow thrones

love all the Holy One has made.

Knowing that none of us is really alone:

children, men, women, old ones,

artist, students, queer ones,

wonderers, wanderers, workers,

mothers, fathers, dreamers, singers, warriors, healers,

And all un-named, yet holy still.

Ah yes, YOU!


May you discover that we are all relations here:

We belong to each other and this Earth:

Our Great Dark Mother with the flaming heart.

May you have good thoughts here,

May you have good feelings here,

May you be refreshed here.

May you know peace here.

May you go out into the world from this sacred circle,

Powerful rainbow bodies,

People of the Sun,

Returning everyone…

with the quiet joys of familyhood.

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