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Monday May 20th 2024

Alley Allies of 2011

Robert Albee

Sharon Albee

Nancy Anderson

Veryl Andre

Anne Christians

Jean Christie

Karen Clark

Jim Cook

Steve Compton

Craig Davidson

Knowles Daugherty

Linnea Hadaway

Luisa Hansel

Patrick Cabello Hansel

Jan Gillespie

Dee Henry Williams

Shirley Heyer

Jacy Hildreth

Julie Ingebretsen

Soren Jensen

Dallas Johnson

Mary Ellen Kaluza

Pat Kaluza

Betty Kinsey

Joyce Krook

Jeenee Lee

Mary Mahoney

Siama Matauzungidi

Jana Metge

Jonathan Miller

Amy Miller

Peter Molenaar

Dave Moore

Mary Regina Moore

Donna Neste

Ruth Olkon

Leon Oman

Lois Parker

Brad Pass

Carol Pass

Carl Peterson

Winton Pitcoff

Gera Pobuda

Connie Pray

Catherine Pususta

Jason Rodney

Claudia Slovacek

Sandy Spieler

Dotty Stewart

Cathy Strobel

Mathew Swora

Jane Thomson

Carol Vara

Dee Dee Vara

Pat Welna

Virgil Welna

Paula Williamson

Edgar Young



Alley In-Kind Contributors 2011

Franklin Street Bakery

Susan Gust

Joan Hautman

Sue Hunter Weir

Julie Ingebretsen- Ingebretsen”'s Gifts

May Day Café

Jonathan Miller

Dave Moore

New French Bakery

Leon Oman

Lois Parker

Steve Parker

Jim Stewart

Cathy Strobel

Mark Welna – Welna Hardware

Josie Winship

All writers who we list respectively for each issue every month. Everything printed in The Alley and on Website is contributed writing, art, and photography. See below for list of writers who contributed in 3 or more issues.

The Alley Deliveries in 2011

Beverly Adams

Tara Beard

Vi DeMars

East Phillips Improvement Coalitions

Jacy Hildrith

Sue Hunter Weir

Raymond Jackson

Majorie Magnuson

Lynne Mayo

Howard McQuitter

Midtown Farmer”'s Market

Dave Moore

Donna Neste

Brad and Carol Pass

Phillips West Neighborhood Organization

Muriel Simmons and Family

Paul Weir

Youth from Calvary and Mt. Olive Churches


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