Monday August 15th 2022

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The Passing of Elder Carol Littlewolf

On Martin Luther King Day, some of us were gathered at the Minneapolis American Indian Center to honor the life of Carol Littlewolf, an elder younger than I who passed the previous Wednesday””just as she predicted. A wheelchair-bound whiz who served people through her job at Hennepin County and her community and her family. She was remembered for her marathon canasta parties and extravagant lavishing of gifts beyond her means on those she loved. A complicated person who loved simply and effortlessly, she was my teacher.

I wrote: Thank you, Carol! You have been a great teacher. You taught us to be patient, to be forgiving, to listen well. You taught us to celebrate those we love while we can. You taught us to ride the Red Ponie, your absolute favorite! YYou taught us courage to stand up to the doctors and demand what we need to go forth. You taught us that Love is the answer and for that we will always love you and remember you forever.

Bob [Albee]

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