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Wednesday June 12th 2024

Dorothy Cotton, Civil Rights Leader, refuses to “Pass her Torch” but gladly “Lit the Torches” of many

“God gave me my torch to carry and I”'m still carrying it. I”'m not passing it to anyone! But, I”'ll be glad to light a torch for others”

Dorothy Cotton shared her a few of her personal experiences as a close ally of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the civil rights movement of the 60”'s but which began early in her own life as she endured racism as a child and increasingly became aware that it had to change and that she could help change it. Speaking eloquently from her heart, mind, and history she motivated and empowered listeners February 23 to realize their individual and collective capabilities at a Black History Month Celebration* sharing the Sabathani Community Center stage with Sounds of Blackness and scores of other neighbors and activists. She shared the lessons from the historic civil right movement of which she was an integral part — through the “songs of the movement” and her powerful words, to motivate all citizens of the world to live more fully and to create the kind of community and world that enriches everyone.

Dorothy”'s values affirm that every person has the capacity to grow and create strategies that facilitate positive change. Each one of us has the personal responsibility to help make true”' democracy a reality.

Dorothy”'s vision is for a global community where people live together with a sense of empowerment as well as compassion for all of creation. Dorothy is a catalyst to empower global citizens to set goals and move toward solutions to age old problems. We encourage teachers, managers, executives, policy makers, parents and youth to utilize the tools Dorothy offers to:

  • feel a sense of personal power
  • build cooperation and harmony
  • maintain enthusiasm and energy
  • persist with a positive attitude
  • overcome obstacles and challenges
  • develop a beloved community
  • become ”˜responsible”' members of society

* Event organized by Youthprise and the Cultural Wellness Center

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