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Monday July 15th 2024

Time Won”'t Wait

By Peter Molenaar

Gone is the brush pile which housed the winter”'s flock of sparrows.  It was a cold day then.  Does the city inspector harbor a mean spirit or merely a sense of duty?  It is warm today.  The sparrows are sampling freshly strewn seed.

And so”¦

Will the Occupy Movement return as a visible hub around which broader movements revolve and develop?

It depends.  Occupy has yet to formally resolve its internal debate on the question of tactics.  Should we publicly disavow actions of a provocative nature?  Or should we consent to the concept “respect for diversity of tactics”?

It would seem that common sense dictates two things.  Don”'t pull stunts which satisfy the agents of reaction.  Don”'t pull stunts which alienate potential allies.  What then is the difficulty?

“Respect for diversity” does have a nice ring to it and there are kind hearts among us who prefer to avoid contentiousness.  Secondly, it is said:  “We can”'t control those people anyway!”.  Any suggestions?

The third argument for ”diversity” is a tad mystifying.  It proceeds along the line:  If we press our tactics to the extreme we will create space behind us for others to fill in.  Such is the light which radiates from the Realm of Autonomous Individuals, upheld by the voice from the Red Star Galaxy.

Let us answer the voice:

1.) “Diversity” negates any moral compass, i.e. it is nihilistic.

2.) “Diversity” opposes the Leninist concept of flexibility, i.e. it is revisionist.

3.) “Diversity” panders to anarchism, i.e. it is opportunism.

Please, forgive me.  But time won”'t wait for some Red Army to drop from the sky.  Only masses of millions in motion can win.  Therefore “Strategic Non-Violence” is our banner.  Should our tactical expressions not reflect this truth?

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