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Monday May 27th 2024

War cannot be created

“War” cannot not be created like a basketball game”¦meaning you can create a basketball game by doing basketball things, but you cannot create “war”, which is the freedom to kill and destroy, by doing warlike things.  You cannot get “war” from doing “war”, “war” cannot create itself.

The problem is, we believe “war” can be started like a basketball game, that once you have soldiers, bombers, battleships, things being blown up, you”'ve got yourself a “war”.  The “war” starters in 2003 knew this-that even though they did not have any real reasons to attack Iraq, that once they got the visual appearance of a “war” going-they were good, they had themselves a “war”, they had themselves a “war zone” they had themselves the freedom to kill and destroy within the “war zone”, but all they had was a fight that they picked.

With our belief that “war” can be accessed through nothing more than violence, defenseless countries like Iraq with “shock and awe”, the country of Iraq was pulled “into war” with the United States and Britain.  Just how does attacking someone get them “in war” with you and then have the freedom to kill them?  Now this same process is going to be played out with Iran.  Israel and the United States talking arrogant talk about whether they will or they will not “go to war” with Iran.  Does not Iran even get a say in this?  They will be one half of the “war”.

Someone needs to explain to me if the U.S. or Israel attacks Iran, how does that pull Iran “into war” with them?  It must be a magical pull-in process, because I see no evidence of a military attack having such power.

Frank Erickson

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