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Sunday May 19th 2024

Mind And Body Unite

By Peter Molenaar

After thirty-three years of hard labor in the neighborhood iron foundry, one would expect this writer to have resolved the question surrounding the apparent duality between mind and body.  He certainly has had ample time to think about it with his nose before the grinding wheel.

It is a vexing problem.  If after all our efforts, the duality remains un-refuted, a concession must be made to agnosticism.  Which is to say:  The door is then left open to the possibility of a transcendent spirit worthy of being called God.

In my student days, there was a course which examined the structure of the brain and the correlation of its sectors to various functions.  However, I found no correlation between brain morphology and, for example, the infinite complexity of my visual field on a lovely spring day.  The professor inquired as to the nature of the disappointment. “I remain mystified!” was the response.

The plot thickens”¦

As fate would have it, I have made several appointments with South Point Community Acupuncture.  The human pin cushion reclined.  His contemplations resumed.

Again the question:  Does the infinite complexity of our consciousness correspond directly with the not-so-infinite morphology of our neuronal circuitry?  No, no, no, clearly not.  So then what?  Answer:  Consciousness reflects the electromagnetic waves generated from the circuits.  Infinity achieved!  Eureka, right?

March 29”¦

The bright-eyed children of Lucy Laney Elementary (North Minneapolis) sat spellbound to scientific instruction.  Numerous exhibits conveyed their own efforts.  It was their science fair.

One remarkable exhibit stood out.  On display was an X-ray-derived photo of a cloud formation within the brain ”“ yes, a cloud of interpenetrating electromagnetic waves.  The observer stood transfixed.

Such clouds are of course generated at the speed of light, interact with each other, and in turn induce currents which generate more clouds.  Such is the electromagnetic cloud theory of consciousness.

Yet the damnable truth is:  I remain mystified.

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