Buy us a coffee! Set up a $5 donation each month to keep community journalism alive!
Buy us a coffee! Set up a $5 donation each month to keep community journalism alive!
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Sunday June 16th 2024

Hardcopy of June’s The Alley Newspaper is CANCELLED !

The Alley Communications, Inc., Board of Directors decided to cancel publication of June’s The Alley Newspaper because of limited revenues.  Each issue of The Alley Newspaper requires additional money beyond ad income in order to keep our pages as full as possible with the news and views important to our readers.  Additional income was insufficient to publish a June issue.

However, plans are still underway  for a special, dynamic July issue of The Alley Newspaper featuring the Annual Report of the work of the Backyard Initiative.  This situation is URGENT, you can help so that it doesn’t get repeated again this year.  Each monthly issue of this community governed newspaper costs only about $2500 to publish because of the incredible commitment.of our volunteer writers. If just 250 people give $10 each, we can guarantee one month of publication which in turn, helps to prove to our donors and funders that our readership is behind our endeavors. Donate online and help us “Roll the Presses” for the remainder of 2012 and beyond:

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Or donate offline by mailing a check to Alley Communications, Inc. P.O. Box 7006, Mpls., MN 55406.

Or, if you prefer to support The Alley through your organization, please build us into your advertising or marketing budget.  We are happy to promote your special events, job postings or services!  Contact Harvey Winje at 612-990-4022 or

One of our regular St. Paul readers has already kicked off this campaign with a donation of $50!  We hope we can hear from YOU next!  Make your donation today and check back to this website to watch us meet our goal. Limited articles and news updates will also appear on The Alley’s website by June 7th. If you have other fundraising ideas, please do not hesitate to contact Harvey Winje at the contact info mentioned above.

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