Friday February 3rd 2023

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Sabo Bridge re-opens to bicycle and pedestrian traffic

Temporary supports will be in place until permanent repairs can be made

The Sabo bike and pedestrian bridge, which has been closed since a pair of support cables broke loose in February, is re-opening this afternoon to foot and bike traffic.

Structural support was added underneath the bridge deck in the days following the bridge”'s closure. After an evaluation of the bridge, engineers determined that with a few modifications to the support structures, the bridge could be reopened to bike and pedestrian traffic. In the last few days, crews have adjusted the temporary supports and the tension on the bridge”'s cables to allow for it to be reopened.

Meanwhile, the City is awaiting a report on what caused the cables to break loose in the first place.

The Sabo Bridge is a 215 foot-long cable-stayed suspension bridge that opened in November of 2007 to carry Midtown Greenway bicycles and pedestrians over Hiawatha Avenue. The bridge was built by Hennepin County and turned over to the City of Minneapolis when construction was completed.

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