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Monday May 27th 2024

Did You Know? CHAT

The Did you Know? CHAT Team”'s mission is to get people together through Block Clubs/Events. Our hope is that these connections help prevent isolation and promote community. We are partnered with Community-University Health Care Center to provide support to clubs by sharing health information and referrals, participating in the CHAT Team and giving Block Leaders the tools they need to support the health of their block.

One of our CHAT Team members is a Crime Prevention Specialist with the Police Department who partners with Did you Know? and encourages participation in the Block Leader Training and National Night Out. This was the second year we sponsored Spring Reunions, giving $50 to each block that held a gathering of neighbors.

We have held one meeting with Block Club leaders this year to support their efforts in organizing events, give them information about our CHAT Team, and to find out what resources would be helpful for them to improve the health of their block. Our goal this year is to put together a TOOL KIT of resources that will provide information for leaders about health resources in the Backyard.

CHAT Members include: Amy Shellabarger and John Bailey. We are always looking for more neighbors to participate in our efforts. If you are interested in participating in our CHAT Team, please contact Amy @ 612-638-0578.

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