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Sharing our Story

Communication strategies are designed to promote the story and the lessons of the BYI. Multiple vehicles including: print and on-line media, participation in community events, conference and classroom presentations and word-of-mouth are utilized to reach a variety of audiences. Community strategies are designed to encourage residents to tell their stories from their geographic and cultural perspectives through monthly articles in The Alley Newspaper, a community based newspaper in Phillips and participation at neighborhood meetings and events. Residents and staff also participated in the first ever Midtown Global Market Jazz Festival held in July, 2011.

Our website,, was revamped in 2011.

sNational communications included a presentation at the national Association for Community Health Improvement conference. An article on the Backyard titled “Being Active in Your Community is a Cornerstone of Good Health” was published on the Institute for Comprehensive Community Development Website by national LISC.

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