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Saturday February 24th 2024

Amen Corner One Year Anniversary

“Ventura” means happiness and Good Luck to you! Buena Ventura

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Ventura Village, MAD DADS,

KFAI Radio, Diversity Alive

The Amen Corner open microphone community listening sessions were created by VV one year ago July 23, 2011 and are held every Thurs. and Fri. at Touchstone “Thrones” Plaza of Peavey Park.

Whatever the weather or season, we bring our microphones, food and drink to engage people, to hear what people think about our neighborhood and to document voices, to report their visions and concerns back to our neighborhood organization for action.

We have created a culture of tolerance, safety, recovery and intermingling of youth and elders at Peavey Park and the Chicago/Franklin intersection.

We acted on suggestions that VVN change the Membership Section of our ByLaws to make it easier for all residents to participate in VV activities.

2323 Eleventh Avenue South ”“ Mpls. MN 55404 P.O. Box 580757 Mpls. MN 55757””612-874-9070

Amen Corner Notes: 

The Amen Corner concept of an open microphone to our community comes from a play by James Baldwin, the famed African American Author, featuring people who had to confront and act on truths they discovered about themselves.

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