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Tuesday July 16th 2024

Obama Family Tree

By Peter Molenaar

Did everyone catch the article “Slavery in Obama Family Tree”? I found it fascinating that our President”'s African-American aspect stems, certainly not from his Kenyan father, but very likely from his white mother whose ancestry traces back nearly four centuries to a slave named John Punch.


The designation “African-American” has traditionally referred to that nationality which was forged from the very diverse peoples held in bondage together. To the degree that Obama is now conscious of his connection; his identity has become less ambivalent.

To continue”¦

“In 1640, Punch, then an indentured servant, escaped from Virginia and went to Maryland. He was captured there and, along with two white servants who had also escaped, was put on trial. His punishment ”“ servitude for life ”“ was harsher than what the white servants received, and it has led some historians to regard him as the first African to be legally sanctioned as a slave, years before Virginia adopted laws allowing slavery.” This was the historic moment when the existing ruling class determined to divide the exploited layer of society along the race line.

Leap to 1777-1778”¦

Some 12,000 honorable souls were assembled at Valley Forge under the leadership of General Washington. Make no mistake; this army was composed largely of white indentured servants who fought not only for national independence, but for personal freedom. Do ponder this the next time we cheer the fireworks at Powderhorn Park.

Side note:

There was a period in our history when Marxists upheld the national potentiality of the Southern “Black Belt”. Accordingly, the ”˜right of self-determination”' (i.e. the right of separate nationhood) applied. However, the population dispersed from the land. Hence, the path of African- American liberation has become inseparable from the struggle to end all forms of exploitation and oppression.


The richest 0.001% of “us” have as much as $32 trillion stashed in overseas bank accounts. In fact, $32 trillion would be enough to settle the debts of the United States and the European Union combined.

But then”¦

Obama-bashing remains quite fashionable on the political “left”. I suggest, to the contrary, that a Romney-Ryan victory would crystallize right-wing extremism and lay the groundwork for some future fascist regime. Which is to say: With our revolutionary socialist future in mind, let us vote appropriately.

Who”'s in your family?


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