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Wednesday June 12th 2024

Paradise Island

By Peter Molenaar

While referring to the “Vulture Capitalism” associated with the career of Mr. Mitt Romney, the friendly capitalist, Mr. Warren Buffet said: “There is a real difference between investing and building a company that makes something or provides a service that adds value to the economy, and a barbarian-at-the-gate-style enterprise that loots and strips, making millions for its executives by ripping holes in the economic fabric”. So, come the election, it appears we will decide which sector of capital prevails.


Locally, our Senator Jeff Hayden and Representatives Karen Clark and Susan Allen are spearheading the “Vote No Campaign”. They ask that we uphold the rights of all committed couples and stand up for the democratic rights of the electorate. Vote no on the anti-Marriage Amendment. Vote no on the Photo ID /Voter Restriction Amendment.

As it happened, I took an assignment to door knock in the Hawthorne Neighborhood in North Minneapolis. I am pleased to report that the voter restriction issue opened many doors.

In one instance, I engaged two young “brothers” set to “chill” in the midday sun. “Exactly why would anyone support a guy who refuses to reveal his tax returns?” they queried. I replied “Come the revolution, we likely will have to occupy the Cayman Islands”. Neither of the gentlemen batted an eye.

Some facts:

The Cayman Islands are a British overseas territory which appear as three specs on the map west of Jamaica and south of Cuba. About 60% of the 56,000 inhabitants are of mixed race. There are more businesses registered in the Caymans than there are people. Count 279 banks and some 10,000 hedge funds.

Why? The islands are a tax free jurisdiction””no capital gains, corporate, property or income taxes. Consequently, they have historically been a favorite stop-over for big-time drug dealers in need of money laundering services. More recently, it is said, the Caymans have restricted themselves to services sought by the Mitt Romneys of the world.

What next?

In the not-so-distant future, the Cayman Islands will be returned to the people, while thieves of every type will colonize Alaska”'s Aleutian Islands. Let there be paradise on Earth.

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