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Sunday March 3rd 2024

Basilica and Savita

by Peter Molenaar

Readers of this column might know that the realm of philosophy is divided into two camps, i.e. idealism and materialism.  Idealists believe the universe was preconceived and then created, whereas materialists believe the universe has always existed and that consciousness is the product of material evolution.

So now”¦

The exhibit of Ludmila Pawlowska”'s “Icons in Transformation” has completed its show at the Basilica of Saint Mary.  Set in the awesome nave with its stunning statuary niches, the production was probably the most exquisite artistic exposition of philosophical tension ever.

Enter the nave”¦

There were numerous larger-than-life panels suspended in space with eyes peering from beneath dirt and debris.  Likewise, the majority of wall hangings cast eyes, often highly abstracted.  The tension between ”˜intelligent design”' and ”˜natural selection”' was evident to this observer.

In her third mode, there were pedestalled plaques set at forty-five degrees.  The unfolding motif reflected artifacts from the site of crucifixion.  One example:  blood red was splattered upon flesh tone to which was affixed what appeared to be  a broken T-Rex tooth”¦ yes, a magnified splinter from the crown of thorns!

But what?

Just days ago, Savita Halaspanavor was made to suffer a horrible death because doctors in Ireland refused to perform a life-saving abortion.

There was also an anomaly in Ludmila”'s work.  One of her plaques displayed a scattering of spent shell casings”¦ artifacts of modern war.

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