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Wednesday June 12th 2024

Walkin”' the Talk

By Dallas Johnson

“My love goes out to Muriel”'s family, friends and neighbors while together we hold this sacred moment. I”'m remembering my dear friend and mentor”'s grace, her boundless, loving heart, her tenacity and courage in standing up to the toughest of the tough, her audacity when she persisted in the halls of power until they took note and the tide began to turn, the twinkle in her eye, her sassy wit, her sage advice, her honesty in telling her life story, the truth that cut out of her lovely mouth, the way she respected and honored everyone she met, her glowing, soft skin, her strong hands, her shoulders that carried the weight of the world and made it look like pure joy, the open doors of her welcoming home on the corner which anchored our whole neighborhood, her readiness and enthusiasm to do whatever the moment called for, her sweet affection, her encouragement, her vision, her walkin”' the talk as she lived “community”…There”'s a massive emptiness  where her tender-thundering heartbeat has been. Thankfully her heart will carry on beating in us, once we”'ve lingered a while within this blessed stillness of remembering. Her words and deeds will resonate and forevermore illuminate even the darkest of places. Simmons family, thank you for sharing her with us and for all of the many ways you continue to shower Love on our community. We are so very blessed.”

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