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Tuesday July 16th 2024

“We Owe It All To Guns!”

By Frank Erickson

The United States is by far the number one exporter of weapons in the world. The profit the U.S. makes is in the billions. The United States make a lot of money selling weapons abroad, but this in turn makes the world a very dangerous place.

When U.S. snipers were killing Iraqis, we heard no talk of gun control. After a U.S. soldier killed 16 women and children in Afghanistan, there was no talk of gun control. When Henry Sibley took a group of soldiers deep into Dakota Territory after the “U.S.-Dakota War”, and shot and killed over 150 women and children, there was no talk of gun control. 150 years ago, Native Americans would have been strong advocates of gun control around here. I believe in gun control. I just think the timing is suspect.

The United States was created based on the lack of gun control. There is a reason why there are 200 million whites in America, and only 5 million Native Americans”¦GUNS! My white ancestors were very good at making and using guns. Now that Americans have gotten control of everything thanks to the lack of gun control, it now is time to clean up this mess. Gun control is only talked about when the threat of gun violence affects the white population in America.

How could we even consider gun control, we are guns, we owe it all to guns. And it only seems fair”¦that if the U.S. is going to be the number one producer and seller of weapons, that we would have a gun infested society. It would be very odd if we had this peaceful gun free society, but then we were flooding the rest of the world with weapons.

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