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Tuesday May 21st 2024

“THINK SMALL” Parent Leadership Program

By Raymond Jackson

The Wilder Foundation hosted the Cross Cultural Leadership Action Program, recognizing  Parent Leadership graduates from around the Twin Cities and African Americans American Indian, Latino, South East Asian & Somali representatives.

The graduates included two Phillips residents, Darrell M. & Misty J., who graduated in 2011. They both agreed that they gained an assortment of parenting skills and a lot of legislative knowledge.

The Parent Leadership workshop  mission is to advance quality care and education of children in their critical early years. There were good speakers and good cross-cultural food at the event.   The speakers included Senator Bobby Joe Champion, Senator Foung Haws, and Kevin Lindsey, Commissioner of Human Rights. They all spoke well of the Think Small, Parent Leadership Action Plan.

Senator Champion, who represents North Minneapolis and a large portion of downtown Minneapolis, spoke about the importance of early childhood education. He said, “When children are 3 & 4 years old, it is important to develop them and get them ready for kindergarten and beyond. Daycare for toddlers is important and for the children to be around trusting adults, who are making sure the child receives not just   academics, but how to become critical thinkers.”   Senator Champion continued, “Education is the great equalizer. As parents and grandparents we must create an environment of learning and we have to do it every step of the way. As you continue to do the great work you are doing, remember, you are planting seeds. Those seeds are our children and we must create a good growing environment.

It was a very enlightening event.  To get more information on ”˜Think Small, Cross Cultural Leadership Action Program”', call Jesse Lee  651-233-2265. For ”˜Parent Leadership Workshop”' information  call Ancinetta at 612-850-1773. Their goal is to get many more, from South Minneapolis, to participate and earn Certificates of Completion.

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