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Monday May 20th 2024

30th Mpls. National Night Out August 6th

Instructions by City of Mpls.

Important deadlines for registering with the City and for blocking off your street to have a block event on NNO.

Mpls was first in the nation for participation in the last two years.

Neighborhood leaders planning an event can use the following checklist to plan their National Night Out celebration:

Register your NNO event. There is a single online process to register an NNO event and apply to close a street. Closing a street was free if registered by July 23rd. From July 24 through Aug. 1, there is a $100 fee. 75 percent of r neighbors need to approve of street closure (Keep a record of those neighbors who agreed to block off the street. Names don”'t need to be entered online or in 311 call. Visit the City”'s website to register your event. Without Internet access, register an event and apply for street closure at 311 (or 612-673-3000).

Police officer visit to an event? Because of high demand, Mpls. can”'t promise that an officer will be available, but feel free to request a visit when you register (No mounted patrol). If you want the Fire Department to drop by, you can make a request by calling 311.

Rain Plans. Will event go forward if it rains, or be rescheduled for another time? If you apply to close your street, you”'ll have a rain date of Wednesday, August 7 unless you decline it during the application. If you don”'t close your street, you can choose any rain date that works for your group. Plan ahead!

Each event organizer will receive Mystery Point Passes for Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America. Each Mystery Point pass is worth either a single ride, a day of rides or a whole season of rides.

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