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Monday July 15th 2024

Home$ Sweet Home$? At What Co$t?

By Frank Erickson

I must admit I have a habit of searching out the Sunday Star Tribune “Homes” Section; it feeds my twisted joy to see the prisons in which certain people are locked from having to have such a perfect- state of the art-, huge, expensive home. What an excessively stressful burden this must be. And how come only white people have the featured homes in the Tribune”'s “Homes” Section.

The featured home on Sunday June 2nd features was the “weekend home” of a Hennepin County Judge and web designer. Now they will have two homes that will sit empty as they drive their cars on Twin Cities freeways. They are both in their 60”'s, their “weekend home” is a 1,800 square feet Frank Lloyd Wright-looking structure near Pepin, Wisconsin.

I”'m trying to figure out the point of it, that is, why waste so much money and materials on a “home” they will hardly never be in, so much wood, glass, metal, and money. Have they not realized at their age, that whatever it is they are looking for, they are not going to find in materialism”¦I find it childish and selfish when people in the second halves of their lives are building “dream homes”, come on, grow up. Is it a mortality thing, or an impress your peers and family thing? It is like they are shopping for something, looking for something, but at the wrong store.

I have a theory, your kitchen cabinets and kitchen drawers should not work better than your knee and elbow joints. At their age, with their dried up skin and joints, to have such a perfect new home is odd, like trying to put a square peg in a round slot, just doesn”'t go together.

The Star Tribune needs to stop promoting and stroking this type of shallow superficiality-that this is what people need to work and live for, to build a “dream home”, that this is what defines success.

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